Are Monday Mornings A Good Time To Prospect?

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

As I’m writing this post, I’m also on the telephone (#22 in the queue) trying to get through to my doctors to set an appointment for my 3 year old daughter Holly.

What with swine flu, changes in temperatures etc I bet the phone is ringing off the hook.

But it got me thinking about how everyone is mad busy on a Monday and especially Monday mornings!

Now there has been a lot written about when are the best times to make cold calls and when to prospect.

My take?

Well, it’s going to differ from industry to industry but if I were you I’d be focussing on planning my week ahead and getting everything in order so you can start making calls from Monday afternoon onwards with no calls on Monday mornings.

So don’t make any calls on Monday mornings. Your prospects will be gossiping about the weekend and for those who are getting into their work will be far too busy and then start your plan of attack to them in the afternoon.

Give it a go and see if it’s the right approach for your industry.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Happy selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 27 July, 2009

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