No Objections?

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Jumping over objectionsLast week I was asked to run an “Objection Handling” workshop for a company and I replied with “I don’t do objection handling courses”.

I don’t believe in them. Here’s why…

If you get an objection you haven’t actually asked the right questions and listened to the answers up front. It’s your job as a sales person to cut the objections down before they even appear.

I mean, come on – you know what’s coming!

You should know what they will object to so prepare for it and cover it off by asking qualifying, investigative and need identification questions up front.

Think about what an objection means for a moment…

It actually means that what you have talked about or covered is not providing sufficient value/benefits for your prospect. There is no excuse for not covering this off before any objections arise.

View objections as a question…

“It’s too much money” – this really means that you have not convinced me that the value and the benefits will outweigh what we have to pay for it.

“Jo Schmo’s product does more than yours” – you have not highlight the benefits properly and what it means to your prospect.

“I’ll think about it” – I’m going to over what you said and make a decision. You should ask them “What specific areas do you need to think about the most?” And then you provide more evidence and info around those points.

So, in closing:

Ask better questions and listen carefully and the objections will not come. You know what is around the corner if you do not cover off the objections before they arise.

If objections do arise, don’t beat yourself up about it.

They client needs more convincing that your product or service is right for them.

Until the next time, take care of yourself and happy selling!

Sean Mc

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Originally published: 19 September, 2007