Objection Prevention Is Better Than Objection Cure

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Jumping over objectionsDo you get into a tug of war with your prospects and clients at the end of your sales interactions?

You know what I mean…

It’s when you go back and forth answering their objections, isolating them and all that jazz!

Well, it’s far more productive and fruitful if you can handle the objections during the interaction.

Prevention is better than cure and it’s better for the relationship and ultimately the sale if you can get to the objections before they do!

I mean, come on, you should know the objections that you’re going to face. It’s not rocket science!

Here’s an exercise for you to complete:

1. Write down the top 10 objections that you normally face

2. Script out word for word what your ideal response would be to each of those objections

3. Look at an opportune moment in your presentations or interactions to cover off that objection BEFORE your prospect or client brings it up.

4. Practice and refine your responses

For example, you’re more expensive than anyone else in the marketplace. You might plan to cover the price objection when you are going through the demo of the product.

“James, because we use polyfibre in our castings it means that on average the product lasts for 13 months longer than anything else in the marketplace. We researched this from 120 of our clients who use the product. It means that the product is a little bit more expensive than XYZ or ABC product but lasts twice as long saving you 25% in costs over 18 months”

I know you understand where I’m coming from.

What you did was talk about quality and at an opportune moment covered off the “Compared to XYZ and ABC you’re 10% more expensive”. But with this example, you already covered it off with quality and 25% savings!

Anyhow, give the exercise a try and then use the output.

It will work wonders…and that can only be good for business!

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 16 September, 2010

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