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How To Hire Top Sales People

Finding and hiring good people is difficult in any industry. However, recruiting top sales people presents a plethora of unique challenges for the sales manager not found when hiring any other employee demographic. The main reason is that it is […]

Sending Emails For Business Development

Do you send emails out to prospects? Do you send follow up emails to leads you’ve met? If so, read on… I received a great email the other day. The salesman who sent it was asking me whether I knew […]

"I’m Happy With My Supplier Thanks"

Here’s a question I received last week: Hi Sean, On the phone: When the possible client tells you that he is happy with his existing supplier how would you break that barrier to get the meeting with him anyway? Thanks […]

How To Respond To Emails

How To Respond To Email Enquiries Sending a simple email reply to a prospect or a customer seems to be the easiest and quickest way to communicate in business. However, this daily form of communication has some serious inherent problems […]

Tips For Negotiating

Tips For Negotiating I get asked a lot for my top tips for negotiating and it all depends on what you are negotiating for. Sometimes a negotiation can be based on the price that your client wants to pay and […]

Communication Skills For Sales Managers

  Sales Managers need to be able to communicate very effectively. If you’ve been in management for any length of time you will already know it doesn’t take much to cause animosity, resentment, or even real distaste with people that […]

Conservatory Selling

Phew, what a scorcher today was! So we decided to go to our local garden centre to have a wonder around and we ended up in the conservatory section! My 2 year old daughter and I were looking at some […]

Trade Show Tips

Here’s another great question I received this week: “At trade events/exhibitions etc, how do you approach people without sounding like a real “sales” person?” Wow! I like this question and I am surprised I do not get it more often. […]

Prospect Planning

When it Comes to Prospecting, Planning is Key Efficient prospecting is the difference between success and failure in every B2B sales career. However, good prospecting requires much more than just prospecting skill and professionalism; it also takes good planning. There […]

Price v Cost

Is it the Price or the Cost? How to Overcome the Price Objection I’m surprised so many sales people still have problems with objections on price. The reason is that when you hear, “Your price is too high…” it is […]

Some Will And Some Wont!

Hi there, Do you or your sales people often take the knocks to heart? Maybe your team lack that ongoing motivation to keep on going and working through the numbers and not taking each sales opportunity as a separate event? […]

Qualify The Decision Maker

How to Qualify the Decision Maker on a Cold Call One of the many challenges sales people face in setting appointments on the telephone is qualifying the prospect, which has become a major issue and causes tremendous amounts of lost […]

How Does Sales Commission Work For Telesales?

  I received a great question from a sales manager about sales commission. They are in charge of the sales operation for a B2B engineering firm, and he was dipping their toe into employing some telesales staff to set appointments […]

Contact Frequency For Prospects

This is a long un, but a good un! I just received a question from a sales person called Jack. Jack wanted to know, among other things, how many times we should be contacting prospects and clients without coming across […]

Selling Through Email

I received an interesting question the other day through email. Here it is: “Hi Sean, Scenario: I own a Virtual Business – where you are trying to get contracts for your Company based only on an email for positions/openings advertised. […]

The Science Of Selling

Yes, success in professional selling does indeed rely on a little luck! That luck however, stands for Labour Under Correct Knowledge! Selling is a profession and as in any profession it will take skill, education, Sales Training, practice and expert […]

MAN about prospecting

  When you prospect over the telephone do you always get stuck with the people who can never make the decision? You’re probably not qualifying hard enough. But instead, you might be making more and more cold calls and hoping […]

Selling Value

Hi, I received an email a couple of days ago that asked for advice on how to react to prospects when you are more expensive than the competition. Here’s the question: “Our company sells installations, a problem that we have […]

Smile And Dial RIP

Do you make cold calls? Were you taught to be happy when making them and smile on the telephone? Well, the days of looking into a mirror when on the telephone is over! Many old outdated sales techniques and trainings […]

BDM or Sales Executive

I received an interesting question not so long ago about the differences between a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER and a SALES EXECUTIVE. Here’s the question: “How do I help my fiance believe she isn’t selling but its just market development?” Currently […]

Coffee’s For Closers Speech

  I think we’ve all watched those sales movies that either act as a lesson or a warning when it comes to sales and business in general. I’m thinking of Gordon Gecko in Wall Street and his “Greed is good” […]

Door To Door Script

I received an email from one of my newsletter subscribers who wanted to go “door to door” to drum up some sales: Hi Sean, I work as a will consultant for a large company and to drum up some extra […]

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