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5 Ways To Handle ‘I Want To Shop Around’

How frustrating is it when your client has gone through your proposal and your sales presentation and then said ‘I want to shop around and get some quotes from other suppliers’? It’s not obvious from his statement what exactly their […]

6 Steps To Creating Your Personal Commercial

Commercials are the lifeblood for any company. A commercial can be anything that advertises its benefits to the final customer, and can come in many formats. How you feel about them will determine how successful that commercial campaign is. You […]

The Reticular Activating System And How To Use It In Sales

  There’s a universal law that states you attract what you focus on. By focusing on ways which you can be productive in sales, you tend to see things that add to that productivity. And it works the opposite way, […]

What To Do If They Ask For Discount

Although we’ve spoken in the past about avoiding the discount question, there will come a time when we have to face reality and have to discount at some point. What I’m referring to is damage control and that’s what our […]

How To Follow Up If You Lose A Sale

There will be occasions when the prospect does not go with your solution and chooses either to do nothing or go with a competitor. Even if you have the best solution available to the client, their buying decision may lie […]

Creating Powerful Selling Statements

  It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you are unable to get the customer interested and convince them that the best use of their time right now is being with you. That’s exactly what we […]

People Buy For Their Reasons And Not Yours!

One of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard in sales is this: “Always remember that people buy for their own reasons and not yours” This is so true for a number of reasons and this should be engraved on your […]

How To Use The Columbo Sales Strategy

I remember my nan used to love Columbo. Everytime I was around her house as a youngster Peter Falk would be on solving another murder case wearing that horrible overcoat! I loved the way he used to play dumb to […]

Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech For Motivation

You really need to watch the Inspirational Al Pacino Speech! If you ever need a little bit of motivation or inspiration, need a kick up the backside or just need to regroup and “go again” then this speech is the […]

Communication Skills For Sales Managers

  Sales Managers need to be able to communicate very effectively. If you’ve been in management for any length of time you will already know it doesn’t take much to cause animosity, resentment, or even real distaste with people that […]

How Does Sales Commission Work For Telesales?

  Have you ever wondered… ‘how does commission work in sales?’. I received a great question from a sales manager about sales commission. They are in charge of the sales operation for a B2B engineering firm, and he was dipping […]

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