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5 Highly Effective Ways Sales People Can Respond To Sales Objections

Why do objections occur? Well, of course, there are myriads of reasons, but they probably boil down to the fact that you haven’t built up value in your solution enough for the prospect to think about you rather than the challenges your product would bring them. It could be they are happy with their current situation. Or your up-front price…

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Avoid This Word Like The Plague When You’re Selling

Is it? Is it really? Is it really obvious? To you maybe but not to me and because I didn’t think it was obvious and you said it was then does that make me thick? Because I just didn’t see it! You need to be very careful if you use the term “obviously” in your selling as it can be…

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Why You SHOULDN’T Send A Brochure After You Get The Appointment

So, you’ve got the appointment… I recommend that you send some further information to the client BEFORE you meet with them. I’m not talking about an information pack here or a brochure. Instead, I am talking about sending them something that will position yourself as an expert. Something that will get them to know you better. I usually send our…

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Follow This Exact 5 Step Strategy For Sales Success In All Situations

I often meet salespeople in my visits to clients and ask them for their favourite strategies when it comes to sales. Sometimes they tell me a couple of ideas, but mainly I’m met with a blank stare or a mumbling of some quote or other they’ve heard over the years. Why is it so important to have a strategy when…

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Adopt These 5 Traits To Smash Your Sales Targets

Do you want to be mediocre, average, unexceptional or ordinary? Thought not! Those aren’t qualities that usually come to mind when we consider successful salespeople. We like to think of ourselves as successful, positive, popular, prosperous and, yes, outstanding. So, what characteristics would support your quest to be the best? What would we expect of salespeople who make an impact…

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Here’s How You Lost The Business In The First 6 Seconds Of Your Call

“Hi! Mr. Jones, my name is…”   That’s it! That’s about all you have to say on the telephone today for some prospects to realise five things instantly!  Number one, they know that you are NOT a friend or an acquaintance.  Two, they know that this is NOT a social call. Three, they know that you probably should not be…

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3 Key Phrases To Use When Gaining Commitment From Prospects

How many times have you found yourself trying to ‘close’ a prospect and you spend much of your time telling them about all the benefits, only to realise you have been doing most of the talking and the prospect has glazed over, approaching a comatose position? When trying to gain commitment from a prospect, it is always better to involve…

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The 3 Step Process Of How To Give A Discount (Only if you have to!)

The Correct Way to Offer a Discount: The Proper Price Drop “How do you effectively reduce your price to help you close the sale?” Reducing your price, offering discounts or “price dropping” is an extremely delicate issue requiring skill, practice and a strategy that when done right can do wonders for your business and career. However, reducing your price incorrectly…

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What To Do When Salespeople Are No Longer Needed…

All our research is showing that, in the future, the role of the salesperson will not be to sell anything. Prospects can now research company information, reviews, feedback, and all manner of information online, so the need to have a salesperson presenting and demonstrating benefits is becoming less and less necessary. If the role is going to change so significantly,…

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The MOST Important Part Of Your Sales Call

One of my consultants was with a company recently and was listening in to their sales reps’ calls to make appointments. He told me that they weren’t being successful in getting past the first 15-20 seconds of the call, so I asked to take a look at their scripts. You guessed it. It was all about them and their products….

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