Principles Of Success In Sales

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Word success spelt on wooden tableAs salespeople, we’re always looking for the magic pill, the holy grail that will ensure our success in sales and help us achieve riches beyond our dreams while doing as little as possible.

Well, we can dream!

Is there such a thing as guaranteed success? I’ve yet to find it. But I’ve come close to it by following these guiding principles that can take us a long way on the journey.

Taken from NLP, these principles help us to identify what we should focus on to achieve our goals, in as close to taking the magic pill as I can imagine.

Take a look and be inspired!

Firstly, be absolutely clear and sure on what outcome you want. The brain acts as a sort of laser, pinpointing areas that we can aim for. But only if we give it something clear to aim at. Woolly goals (make more money, sell more products, be more professional, etc) won’t work because they don’t offer any clarity.

Then, create a measuring system that helps you know if you are moving away from or gaining ground on your outcomes. We term this ‘sensory acuity’ or sensory awareness’, and it allows us to identify how far away or close to our goals and objectives we really are.

Then comes the fun bit. You know where you want to be, and you now know where you are. You now need the flexibility to vary your behaviour to adjust the journey on the way to success. Do you need more knowledge? More emotional intelligence? More listening skills? More quality leads? More enthusiasm? More time management skills?

The answers to these questions will help you drive your performance further forward, as you recognise what has to happen to keep you on track.

The next bit is a natural follow-on. You take all the necessary massive action to achieve the flexibility and adaptability to achieve the goal. Notice I said massive action. Pottering about doing one or two calls to fill the time won’t hack it. Being the kind of person a prospect would pay good money to partner with will!

Do these principles guarantee success in sales? Well, they get mighty close!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 8 December, 2010

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