The 7 Best Phrases To Use With Your Prospects

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

Businessman holding out handTrying to get your prospect to interact with you can often be a frustrating nightmare.

Making a call that is interrupting their day, especially when it sounds like a typical sales call, can be the quickest way to get a slam-dunk from the other end of the line.

What can we suggest, then, that will at least get the prospect listening for a few moments?

Here are just ten phrases that will connect with them and get the conversation going

1) Hi, Sean here from MTD. You downloaded one of our special reports yesterday from our website and I’d like to know what you thought about it

That tells them immediately who you are and the purpose for the call.

You open up the conversation by asking for their opinion.

2) I saw on your LinkedIn profile that….

This shows you have at least done a little bit of research and have something in common

3) We’ve helped business like yours improve results, and I’d like to discuss if this is something that would improve yours

You’re talking their language when you talk about their business

4) Please don’t feel obliged to discuss this, but I would appreciate it if you did

I had an email from author Akash Karia with this as the opening gambit. It got me intrigued.

In fact Akash wrote that this opening has an almost magical effect, and will get the hearing ear of more people than you would imagine.

5) Many of my clients have problem XYZ. Is that something that bothers you, too?

By mentioning a problem you know many people in their industry are facing, you highlight your awareness of some of the pains businesses are experiencing at the moment.

If it’s a problem this prospect is facing too, you may get a few moments of their time.

6) I wanted to share some interesting information about (competitor’s product/industry information)

This gets them interested because it could be something that increases their knowledge of something important

7) I’ve noticed the project you’ve been working on is going very well…

By commending the prospect on something that’s going well, you might catch them a little off-guard, because they would have expected you to talk about something that’s going wrong and discuss how you can help.

This tactic helps you build rapport as you boost their ego.

Remember; don’t try and sell anything early in the conversation.

Build rapport before moving forward, or you’ll sound just like any other sales person.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 6 August, 2018

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