Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech For Sales Motivation

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Do you need some sales motivation? If you ever need a little bit of motivation or inspiration, need a kick up the backside or just need to regroup and “go again”

If so, then you really need to watch Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech below.

Al Pacino Sales Motivation Speech

This video is from the movie “Any Given Sunday”

Al Pacino is the coach of an American Football team and at half time they are losing, and it looks like they are going to lose big.

He then gives one of the most powerful inspirational speeches I have heard. So much so that I play it regularly when I or my sales team need a boost.

Within his speech he talks about the small things that count. It’s that one percent improvement across several different factors that when you add them all up, make a huge difference to winning the business or not.

Al Pacino says it all in the video below.

Al Pacino Inspirational Speech Debrief

How did you find the video? The team looked broken at the start of it didn’t they?

As the speech progressed you saw the team one by one become more interested and started to believe in what the coach was saying. Come the end they were all pumped up and raring to go.

What one percenters can you think of within your sales process and activity that you could improve that when added up will make a big difference?

Think about those 10 extra calls per week. That’s just 2 per day but when added up comes to over 500 additional calls per year.

If you make 1 appointment every 50 calls then that’s an additional 10 appointments across the year just from making 2 additional calls per day that take 5 minutes!

If you take those 10 appointments and your closing average is 30% then that equates to 3 additional sales per year for just 5 minutes per day.

And if the average order value is £10,000 then the 3 sales work out to £30,000. Which means for 5 minutes per day you are creating an additional £30,000 in sales per year.

And that’s just one area of improvement. Imagine you could increase your average order value by 10%? Imagine that you could increase efficiency that you could make an additional 5 calls per day?

All of these add up in a big way and that’s what Al Pacino’s sales motivation speech was all about. We’ve got several sales motivation ideas that you can use or our Sales Manager’s Guidebook will provide some ways to inspire and motivate your teams.

Please check out our Sales Manager Training if you’d like to improve your sales leadership skills further. We’ve also got a useful guide on how to set sales targets that you might be interested in.

Happy selling


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Updated on: 6 March, 2009

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