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Hi! I'm the founder and Managing Director of MTD Sales Training - we offer sales training solutions for companies both large and small. I'm blessed to work with 25 of the most talented trainers in the UK....well, I did recruit them! ;-) Today, we've delivered training in over 23 countries to over 2,500 different organisations and 50,000 staff. Our clients include Xerox, Friends Provident, Starbucks, Taylor Wimpey, CISCO, Allianz and Lloyds TSB to name but a few.

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Here’s One Way To Inspire Your Sales Team…

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Sales meetings are those events that can make or break a salesperson’s day. When they are encouraging and inspiring, they can build you up for the whole day and have you motivated to become the salesperson you really can be. When they’re dull and negative, they can set the scene for your performance for the […]

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How To Deal With A Stall In Negotiations

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When you get to a point in the conversation with a customer where you have to negotiate on price or some other issue, remember one thing: the vast majority of negotiations occur because you haven’t identified the value of doing business with you earlier in the conversation. I have found that if you uncover the […]

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3 Great Ideas On How To Build & Establish Your Brand

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One of the most precious assets that a company possesses is the quality of their brand. A great brand image can drive sales onward and upward; a lesser image can ultimately destroy a brand’s presence and present. It’s people that make the brand. How customers are treated or served can improve or destroy an image […]

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6 Ways To Accurately Measure How You Differentiate From Your Competitor

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Today’s world is merciless if you don’t match your competitive offers and design quality. The business road is littered with companies who have failed in their attempts to launch or develop product or service offerings that fell short of the competitions. How can you differential effectively against your competition? What can make you stand head […]

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20 Reasons Your Customer Will Say Yes – Part Two

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In the first part of this article, we discussed ten reasons why it would be beneficial for your prospect to agree to choose your solution. All prospects and customers have to rationally and emotionally be connected at some level with the solution, or they may well have buyer’s remorse or incongruence about their choice. So […]

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