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Hi! I'm the founder and Managing Director of MTD Sales Training - we offer sales training solutions for companies both large and small. I'm blessed to work with 25 of the most talented trainers in the UK....well, I did recruit them! ;-) Today, we've delivered training in over 23 countries to over 2,500 different organisations and 50,000 staff. Our clients include Xerox, Friends Provident, Starbucks, Taylor Wimpey, CISCO, Allianz and Lloyds TSB to name but a few.

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Six Steps to Convincing a Customer They Should Use You

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It’s fascinating to see the changes that are going on in the world of selling. If you Google books on the subject, the plethora of ideas and techniques could leave you reeling in its complexity. If we try to apply all the new ideas that are available on how to sell, and listen to all […]

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Buyers Want Appreciating Assets, So Turn Yourself Into One

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When an asset such as stock, property or personal property increases in value without any improvements or modification being made to it, it’s called appreciation. Certain things have the potential to appreciate, and it all depends on a number of issues, including uniqueness or increased demand. If a business can have assets that appreciate for […]

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Buyers Not Buying? Here’s Why…

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It’s a beautiful day here and the cricket season is at its height. A batsman will settle himself in before trying to hit the ball to the boundary, or steering it towards the ropes through the off-side (apologies to you non-cricket lovers for the jargon!). When a batsman strokes the ball well, it can speed […]

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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

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In sales, a lot can depend on the outcome and results of our efforts. If we succeed or progress with the sale, we tend to increase our motivation, improve our self-esteem and build our credibility. If we lose a sale or don’t progress, it tends to have the opposite effect. Much of our motivation is […]

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Everything is Expensive….Until You Want It

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Many of our clients have products and services they are proud of, and we are proud to work with them as clients. Many of their salespeople have been on our programmes and have proved themselves to be effective at improving their abilities in many areas. There’s one specific area, as you can guess, that always […]

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