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Hi! I'm the founder and Managing Director of MTD Sales Training - we offer sales training solutions for companies both large and small. I'm blessed to work with 25 of the most talented trainers in the UK....well, I did recruit them! ;-) Today, we've delivered training in over 23 countries to over 2,500 different organisations and 50,000 staff. Our clients include Xerox, Friends Provident, Starbucks, Taylor Wimpey, CISCO, Allianz and Lloyds TSB to name but a few.

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5 Reasons Why Your Prices SHOULD Be Higher Than Your Competitors

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I met a salesperson on one of our programmes who was really upset that his company had raised his product’s prices by over 3%, and hadn’t given him an explanation as to why. It was simply called ‘an inflationary mark-up’, even though inflation is actually running lower than that figure. His frustration about the situation […]

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Dealing With The Different Levels Of Stakeholders In The Buying Company

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You’ll be well aware of the different levels of stakeholders in the companies you are dealing with. It will be good to categorise these so you can plan how to make each of these levels’ lives easier so it makes sense for them to choose you. The different levels will be involved in the search, […]

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6 Methods To Discover What Your Customer Really Thinks About You

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One of my trainers had an interesting conversation with a salesperson on a recent course. The discussions revolved around how close we should get to a customer’s business and whether there is value in knowing how the customer really thinks about us. The salesperson agreed up to a point but said he didn’t know how […]

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