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Hi! I'm the founder and Managing Director of MTD Sales Training - we offer sales training solutions for companies both large and small. I'm blessed to work with 25 of the most talented trainers in the UK....well, I did recruit them! ;-) Today, we've delivered training in over 23 countries to over 2,500 different organisations and 50,000 staff. Our clients include Xerox, Friends Provident, Starbucks, Taylor Wimpey, CISCO, Allianz and Lloyds TSB to name but a few.

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Be A First Rate Version Of Yourself, Not A Second Rate Version Of Someone Else

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I remember years ago being on a training course where we were learning coaching skills. The facilitator was coaching someone to use a golf putter when they had never played golf in their life. It was fun to watch this person try to hit a golf ball a few yards across the room into a […]

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Who Do You Compare Yourself Against When Judging Your Own Performance?

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The European Athletic Championships have just finished and it was great to see these athletes competing at the highest level. I’m amazed how some of these runners can perform the way they do and hardly be out of breath at the end. If that was me, I’d have collapsed in a heap just after the […]

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Why Features & Benefits Don’t Work in Today’s World

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How many times have you heard that you shouldn’t just present features of your product, but you should also reiterate how those features benefit the prospect? It has been the staple diet of most salespeople over decades of selling, and is used in most sales interactions. However, what if the benefit isn’t? That is, what […]

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Objections: Why They Occur & How You Can Prevent Them In The First Place

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If there is one question that occurs the most on our sales programmes, it has to revolve around dealing with objections. Many delegates say that if they could just have the magic wand to overcome objections, they would love their job. But because salespeople allow objections to be raised in the first place, they face […]

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Digging Deep to Find the Gold – The Art of Asking Quality Questions in a Sales Call

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I once read of an expedition to find hidden treasures in the Middle East. Rumour had it that wealth beyond compare had been buried in caves by ancient people who had been trying to escape war-mongering looters. The surveys carried out had revealed there were indeed treasures to be found beneath the surface of the […]

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