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Sales Training Courses

We provide five different open courses. From beginners to advanced and from account managers to telesales – we’ve got you covered!

We offer the following sales training courses below as open courses that we run throughout various locations in the UK. From beginners to advanced we offer sales courses to cater for different levels of experience and requirements.

Essential Selling Skills

If you are new to sales or if you have had no formal training then this course will be perfect for you. It covers all of the essentials skills that are required for successful selling.


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Advanced Selling Skills

This is the lead on course from our Essential Selling Skills course. It assumes you have some good fundamental knowledge about the sales process and are looking to take your game on to the next level through advanced communication and negotiation skills and modern day selling approaches.


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Telephone Selling Skills

If you have to sell over the telephone or need to set up appointments then this course will be perfect for you. It looks at modern day approaches to prospecting, how to get through gatekeepers and techniques and strategies not to sound like your competitors!


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Sales Management Skills

If you are a sales manager or leader within your company and need to get the best out of your team through effectively managing their performance and coaching then this is the course for you. You’ll look at your managerial style, what it means for your team and how to ensure each of your sales people are maximising their performance to win more business.


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Key Account Management

If you’ve got a number of accounts that you need to look after and you’re required to maximise the revenue from them then this is the course for you. From working out where to spend your time through to how you’ll spend it, this highly practical workshop will give you the skills and strategies to create an army of loyal clients who will spend with you year after year.


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