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Here are the sessions that you will receive


How to overcome the economy objection

“Due to the economy we’re not purchasing anything…”

Learn how to overcome this common objection by using the economy to your advantage.


How to overcome the price objection

“We haven’t got that kind of money…”
“We haven’t got the budget…”
“You’re too expensive…”

Learn how to overcome price objections by covering them off in your sales interaction upfront and how to deal with them should they come up


How to ask the right questions

To unearth the needs, wants problems and issues of your prospects

You should pull out the problems and issues that your prospect is facing before you present your solutions.

But how exactly can you do this? and how do you work out what questions to ask? This session will show you a method to work through so you can create killer questions everytime.


How To build up the value of your product or service

You need to build up the value of your product or service so much that the prospect thinks it’s going to cost them an arm and leg only to find out that it’s a way lower than what they were expecting.

That’s value!

But how can you build value during your sales interaction? This session will show you direct and indirect methods of achieving that.


How to design your very own cold calling script

Whether you’re selling directly over the telephone or if you’re setting up appointments, you need to work to a well planned, not canned telephone script.

During this session you will learn how to design your very own script.


How To Get Past The Gatekeeper to the Decision Maker

“I’m sorry Mr Jones is in a meeting right now”

How many times have you heard that one when making your calls?

Did you realise that there are 2 types of gatekeeper screens that they use on you on a daily basis?

Do you know how to get through them? This session will show you with specific examples, the words to say and how to say it to get through to the all important decision maker!



Sales Toolbox




You’ll receive a link with all of the resources on within 10 seconds

(Privacy Policy – We will NEVER rent or sell your email address to anyone)

Improve your sales skills for free with our Sales Skills Toolbox!

The toolbox is full of sales tips and techniques that you’ll receive immediately after you’ve signed up. These tips will provide you with practical advice and help that will ultimately lead to you improving your sales technique and selling skills.

The audio and workbook sales tips that we’ll provide for you will prove to be a major factor in improving your sales performance, and you will be amazed at just how much impact they can have on your targets and just how quickly you will experience results.

Sign up to receive our sales tips and transform your selling skills and sales techniques beyond recognition. It’s a well known fact that all of the best sales people take charge of their own self development, and with our help you can get that all-important edge over your competitors.

Our techniques have been developed by Sean McPheat, who is a leading authority on the subject and highly regarded in the industry. Improving your selling skills has never been easier and can be achieved for free with our fantastic tips.

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Who writes each session?

Each session has been written by Sean McPheat who is a bestselling author, sales authority and Managing Director of MTD Sales Training. Sean has been featured on CNN International, ITV, BBC, SKY, Forbes, Arena Magazine and has over 250 other media credits to his name. Sean is a much sought-after sales conference speaker and is best known for his innovative approaches to modern day selling.

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