5 Powerful Voice Mail Tips For The Cold Caller

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

20 November, 2012

Running into voice mail when prospecting has become a more intrusive and frustrating problem. Just the decision on whether or not you should even leave a voice mail message, is a good question.

However, if you decide to leave a voice message, you may want to note these five tips. They represent some of the most common voice mail blunders ever.

#1: Have ONE Goal
I would say that the biggest mistake sales people make in voice mail is having too many objectives for that short message. Often the sales person is trying to:

  • Distinguish his or her company from the competition
  • Distinguish him or herself from the competition
  • Sell the product or service
  • Get the prospect to return the call
  • Impart valuable information

This is simply too much. Choose ONE and only one goal and accomplish it.

Voicemail#2: Sell The Objective
Once you have established what the goal of the message is, then SELL it. If for instance, the goal is to get a return call, then sell the reason for the call back. Do not sell the reason that you have a great product, or why you are better than the competition. Sell the reason why the buyer should call you back.

“Yes, Sarah, Steve Smith with ABC Software Solutions. I have some very valuable information pertaining to saving customers a fortune in production costs. Please give me a call and in a quick 2-minute conversation I will be able to explain exactly what I mean…”

#3: Not Too Much Information
In addition to picking one central objective and selling it, do not leave too much information in the message. Unless you are thinking of having the receiver sit down with a piece of paper and pen and write a small dossier on the call, limit the information that you leave.

Usually, all you really need is your name, company name and telephone number, in practically if looking for a return call. In which case, your web address, email address, blog address, company location, the number of years you been in business, customer references and the name of your grandchildren are just not necessary.

#4: Repeat Your Telephone Number Or Pertinent Information Two Or Three Times
Ok, I think you can really understand this one. You get that message and you want to respond, but you can barley understand the caller’s phone number or web address. Now you have to replay the message again. Then again. SLOW DOWN and REPEAT important contact information several times.

#5: End The Message With a Repeat Of Your Introduction
You want to end the voice mail message with what is basically a reiteration of what you first said. As an example with the above message:

“Yes, Sarah, Steve Smith with ABC Software Solutions. I have some very valuable information pertaining to saving customers a fortune in production costs…”

You might end the call with…

“Again, Sarah, this is Steve Smith with ABC Solutions with important information, and my number is…”

I guess when it comes to voice mail, the message is simple: KISS = Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

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Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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