5 Video Meeting Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

19 September, 2018

Business woman having a video conferenceAre you using video meetings in your sales process?

More and more companies are going down this route especially those that sell software, SAAS products and online services (such as online sales training).

Sometimes it can save you a ton of time if you can jump on a video conference call with screen sharing capability and all that jazz!

Do it correctly and it can work wonders for you.

Do it wrong and it can ruin the sale completely!

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs!

Connecting & Technology Issues!

I absolutely hate it when at the start of a meeting people can’t login to the session or they need to download some piece of java script for the session to work properly.

It ruins your opening and it’s then hard to recover from thereon in.

Be prepared and make sure everyone knows what they need to do to access the session beforehand.

There’s nothing worse that people logging in late and some have heard your message and some haven’t.

You just lose momentum and it always seems to be the decision maker!

Close Down All Other Windows

One company was pitching me some software and we had screen share on – his screen.

All of a sudden one of his mates Skyped him a message “Are we going out on the lash tonight? I fancy some *****”

If the ground could have swallowed him up!

The lesson? Close down all of your other applications!

Manage Your Look

Be aware of your appearance.

Approach the meeting just as you would in a face to face encounter.

And don’t forget chances are there will be a close up on your face too.

Watch out for what is directly behind you too.

Turn Your Mobile Off!

If I were meeting you face to face I would turn my mobile off so you need to do the same in virtual meetings too.

There’s nothing worse than being interrupted to the Match of The Day theme music because you’ve forgotten to turn your mobile off!


Virtual meetings are different to face to face.

There is a knack and a technique to them that is different to face to face encounters.

It’s harder to read body language, people’s attention span is more difficult to maintain and you need to present information/demos in short, sharp chunks.

And talking of demos don’t just present your products and services in a one way monologue.

Instead find out the pain points and then tailor your demo/presentation to the areas that are most applicable to them.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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