“I Can’t Get My Prospects To Return My Calls!”

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Young woman sitting on top with phoneIt’s one of the biggest complaints we hear in our sales programmes.

“My prospect won’t return my call!”

Of course, it’s the prospect who’s missing out, isn’t it?

It’s the prospect who should be doing the work isn’t it?

It’s the prospect who should be picking up the phone after you’ve left your message and begging you to come and see him, isn’t it?

The slight sense of sarcasm is deliberate, because when we ask salespeople what they said that would cause the prospect to return their call, much of it is based around the salesperson’s products or services, and how good they are, and if only the prospect would get in touch, their whole world would change for the better.

Well, we’ve said it so many times, but it’s worth repeating: Prospects don’t buy products!

Buyers within the companies you are prospecting are not interested in you.

They are only interested in what your products and services will do for their business interests.

So, what should your voicemail or call include in order to give the prospect a good enough reason to return to you?

Well, it’s not going to be what your company does or what your products do.

They get dozens of calls telling them exactly the same thing.

Most prospects have to do the hard work of deciphering how your products and services can help them and their departments prosper.

Instead of saying what you sell and how good you are, try working out what is most pressing to your prospects at this time.

Is the economy causing them problems? Are competitors taking some of their business away? Is customer loyalty proving a problem?

Is profit a key issue? Has productivity dipped? Are they losing staff? Are overall costs increased?

If you research what the most important issues they are concerned with at the moment, your voicemail can include those items.

You will grab their attention if you say:

“Our research has shown many companies are struggling with customer loyalty and the effect that has on profitability these days. Our latest whitepaper shows how to improve customer loyalty without investing more money. I would love to send you a copy, to help you find out what successful companies are doing to deal with this issue…”

Then you leave your details.

You can see from that one example that a buyer would now have a reason to return your call.

You’re not trying to sell something; you’re giving something of real value, and all they have to do is send you details or drop you a line or call a freephone number to get the report or newsletter or information.

Don’t just send a brochure.

Show them the benefits their company can receive from dealing with you.

Don’t talk solely about your products.

Create a desire in their minds for the information they can get from you.

The best way to get your calls returned is to make it so valuable if they do, it’s a no-brainer for the prospect to do so.

That way, you increase your chances of being productive in your calls.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 1 February, 2018

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