Are Your Closing Ratios Better Than An NYPD Officer?

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What are your hit rates?

Do you understand the numbers behind your selling?

If you are deadly serious about becoming the best sales person you can be then you need to understand the numbers at EACH and EVERY stage of your entire sales process. Whatever you do, you need to measure it, keep score, track it and then improve it and then modify it and so on and so forth…

Did you know that even the NYPD keeps tabs on each of the shootings that their officers make?

Oh yes!

In a report published by the NY Times it was revealed that the majority of shots made by NY police officers actually miss their target! (See, it’s not only sales people!)

NYPD only had a “hit rate” of 34% and when you think that the majority of officer combat is conducted less than 10 feet away then that’s a remarkable low stat!

So what’s your “hit rate”? I’m not just talking about your closing ratios, but what’s your “hit rate” at each stage of your sales process.

I’m talking about areas like:

# of calls made
# of calls answered
% of calls spoken to a decision maker
% of calls returned from left answerphone messages
# of meetings made
# of meetings actually taken place
etc etc

You get the picture.

NYPD have set themselves some stiff measures to improve their “hit rates” – and at least they know what their current performance is.

So if you ever have the unfortunate position of being faced with a gun from a NY Cop you know you’ll be ok 66% of the time so leg it!

You’ll need to know what your numbers are as well when a prospect looks down the barrell of your gun too!

Happy Selling!


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Originally published: 24 March, 2009

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