Guaranteed Ways To Get Prospects To Open Your Emails

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Laptop with red email iconOne of the biggest frustrations I hear from salespeople is the inability to get their prospects to open the emails that they send to them. Many think that just because the product they sell will change the prospect’s world for the better, then the email will do the job for them, and they can’t understand that their emails get something like a 5% opening success rate.

Of course, every marketing email is seen exactly like that by the recipient; a marketing email. Unless it is compelling and overtly attractive, the receiver will either think it’s spam (and do the necessaries) or think that you, as the sender, are desperately trying to force your products with a generic round-robin message.

Your email have to stand out among the hundreds of others that are screaming for your prospect’s attention, and the only chance you have to attract attention consistently is through the subject line. How many times have you seen an email from someone you vaguely know, but the subject was tame and not particularly interesting or attention-grabbing? Did you rush to open it and devour its contents? Probably not.

So, make the subject line compelling and grabbing. Often, I’ve received marketing or sales emails with a subject line like ‘ABC Company Newsletter’ or ‘XYZ New Product Brochure’.

Unless I am specifically looking for your product at that moment or know it will be on my agenda very soon, it will be simply deleted or filed away without much interest. Subject lines have to make the reader stop and think ‘Will this be of benefit to me? How will this help me to improve my future?”

How about this for a ‘grabber’?

“Sean McPheat on how to double your email-opening rate”

Now, that subject line has something of interest to most people who send emails, and is intriguing in its nature. Plus, my name will be recognised by my prospect and will be opened if my prospects have received value from me on previous emails.

“Simon….Ten Things That Will Guarantee Increased Staff Motivation”

Now, if your prospect has a particular problem with this topic, and you offer support that will help him achieve improved motivation, do you think this subject line will increase the chances of him reading your email? Probably, yes.

“Thirty-Second-Tip…How To Immediately Improve Your Productivity”

This gets your prospect to see that opening and reading the email won’t take up too much of their time right now (and many people can afford those thirty seconds right now) plus it’s a subject that will really hit home with most people. It offers real, quick value to the prospect, and shows you are someone on whom they can rely to add that value.

Your email subject-lines have to shout out compelling reasons to be opened. Think what benefits your product or service offers. Ask a question that the email answers. Give tips that your product can help them achieve. Design a question that prospects want answering.

By considering how your prospects think about their current problems, you can start to create subject lines that will make your emails essential reading to your prospects and will guarantee that they will read them at the very least.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat

Managing DirectorMTD Sales Training | Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan at

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Originally published: 17 July, 2013

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