How To Leave A Voice Mail That The Prospect Will Return

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27 April, 2018

Man Using A Mobile PhoneHow do you get prospects to return your calls?

Of course, it seems impossible to get a return call from leaving a message on a cold call.

However, sales people also have problems getting calls returned from warm calls, or referrals given by satisfied customers.

So, what is it that you have to do in a voice mail to get people to call you back?

Or should you even LEAVE a message in the first place?

The Objective

Just like any telephone sales call, you have to have a clear objective.

When calling to set an appointment, you have to SELL the appointment.

When you call and get the dreaded voice mail, the objective becomes to get the prospect to return your call.

Then SELL the return call, and ONLY the return call.

Return the Call

You must remember to sell and concrete only on getting the prospect to call back and nothing else.

I know this sounds simple.

However, while most sales people have think objective in mind, they do exactly the opposite in the call.

Look at this example of a voice message:

“Hi Ethan, my name is Sean Colby and I am with ABC Widgets. Your friend, Sarah Edmonds suggested that I give you a call. ABC Widgets sells the best widgets in town and they can really help you. In fact, Sarah bought some of our widgets and she was so impressed that she thought you might want some too. So, I am calling to see when I might set up a time to meet with you so I can show you the widgets and see if we can be of service to you. Our widgets are the best in the industry and Sarah agrees. So, please give me a call at 0333 320 2883 or you can send me an email at You can also stop by our web site at I will be in your area next week, so anytime then would be a good time to meet or anytime at your convenience. Thank you”

This may sound like it makes sense, but actually our hypothetical sales person tried to sell too many things at once. He tried to sell:

1. His company, ABC Widgets
2. His products
3. The appointment
4. The email return
5. The value of the referral
6. The time for the appointment
7. Justification of the product
8. Industry recognition of his product and service
9. Their web site
10. His reputation and more

The last thing he sold was the return phone call, and guess what?

No call back!

Do not make the mistake of forcing the prospect to make the big, hard decision of buying your product or service in advance.

Instead, help them make the little, easy decision just to call you.

Let”s look at this same scenario, but this time with a sales person who understands that she should sell only one thing:

The call back:

“Hi Ethan, Sean Colby with ABC Widgets. A mutual acquaintance, Sarah Edmonds, suggested that we speak with each other for a brief moment. I was able to share some information with Sarah that she was very excited about and she wanted me to talk to you. Please give me a call at your convenience and in a two-minute phone call, I can tell you what Sarah was so excited about. Please call my cell phone at 0333 320 2883 whenever you get a quick minute or two. Once again, that”s Joe Smith, with ABC at 0333 320 2883, and I look forward to talking with you. Thank you”

This sales person sold ONLY the return call.

Also, note this professional stressed that the call would be quick and painless.

He did not try to get the prospect to make a buying decision in a 30-second voice mail message.

He just sold the importance of the returned call, the importance of talking for a quick minute and he made it easy for the prospect to do so.

If you sell only the return phone call, you will get few more return calls and in turn, you will contact a few more customers, close a few more sales and make a few more pounds!


Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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