6 Questions To Ensure You Build Value For Your Customers

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Building value upYou know well how customer don’t buy on price alone.

The risk that is taken when they buy the cheapest option is sometimes too great and so other components are taken into account when decisions are made.

We often say that we should sell the concept of value, as it appears in the eyes of the prospect.

But how can you generate that value?

How do you know what would be valuable to a client?

We have to analyse what we can do to increase that value early on in our planning.

Your discussions concerning how you build that value in the eyes of the prospect can boil down effectively to six points, derived from answering these questions.

These questions clarify the value your business provides:

“Compared to our competitors, what’s our quality level?”

You must have adequate knowledge of what your competition are offering, so you don’t come up short when prospects are comparing your products with other companies.

“What unique benefits do we provide?”

 People see uniqueness in different ways.

If they see the benefits of uniqueness as meaning they get some added advantage over their competition, then it will be an area that they see real tangible value

“What customer needs do we fulfill?”

This is a good question to open up discussions on how value is displayed to prospects.

Try to build as many value opportunities as you can for clients, so they see you as the natural and obvious choice to solve their problems.

“How convenient is it to buy from us?”

This is all about ease of use and ease of contact.

For many, this is a key reason to choose a supplier.

Ask how easy it is to place orders with you, how easy to get through on the phone, how easy to complain or get hold of a support person.

Convenience is a factor that can make a big difference when making a choice.

“How reliable is our product or service?”

Value is always specific to the individual person or business.

Reliability can drive a choice-making decision, as it takes away the worry and concern that a buyer may be making when deciding who and what to go for.

“What are we best at?”

When you know what you’re good at, and why people choose you specifically, you can concentrate and focus on those qualities so they become your brand image, the picture your prospects create when they think of you.

Remember, build up your value message, because if you don’t, you may well be selling what is viewed as a commodity, and that’s when customers see price as more important than value, and you’ll find yourself up against those who are cheapest.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 7 June, 2018

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