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What Is A Sales Funnel & The Main Funnel Stages?

What is a sales funnel? In a nutshell a sales funnel are the stages that a prospective new customer needs to progress through in order to become one of your customers. I have seen some very complex funnels over the […]

How To Achieve A Healthy Sales Mindset

  We often ask salespeople on our Selling Skills Training to discuss the most important aspect of sales, and many consider the sales processes that they follow as the most important aspect that will keep the sales and commissions rolling […]

How To Change The Way You Think About Failure In Sales

In sales, a lot can depend on the outcome and results of our efforts. If we succeed or progress with the sale, we tend to increase our motivation, improve our self-esteem and build our credibility. If we lose a sale […]

What Is An Emotional Selling Proposition & Is It Better Than A Unique Selling Proposition?

Emotional Selling Proposition – have you got one? We all know that sales are based mostly on emotion and the decision is backed up with logic. Sales Logic vs Emotion – that’s the law of the salesperson. So, do we […]

When Was The Last Time You Changed Your Sales Process?

Sales is a complicated, never-ending process of building relationships with prospects, building trust, answering questions, and moving the whole procedure through to the commitment stage. Your sales process is the formula that keeps you ahead of the game and allows […]

5 Components Of A Salesperson’s Belief System

What is a belief system? Wiki would have it described as a mental representation of an attitude oriented toward the likelihood of something being true. I like that concept, because it identifies a model that supports the way someone likes […]

How To Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey Pre & Post-Sale

Here’s a question to get you thinking: What do you need to do today, tomorrow and next week that would have the biggest impact on your business growth? It’s a far-reaching question that determines how and where you should be […]

How To Effectively Implement Your Sales Process

One definition of ‘process’ is ‘a systematic series of actions directed to some end: a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner’ A good sales process will give you a good framework and template […]

6 Questions To Ensure You Build Sales Value

You know well how customer don’t buy on price alone. The risk that is taken when they buy the cheapest option is sometimes too great and so other components are taken into account when decisions are made. We often say […]

How To Go From Salesperson To Sales Consultant

You will be aware of the changing nature of sales, driven by the ever-evolving requirements of businesses and their decision-makers. The old way of selling (cold-call, qualify, present, resolve, close) is being superseded by the consultative and insightful approach of […]

5 Steps To Effectively Follow-Up Prospects

What strikes me as strange and rather puzzling is a piece of research I read this week that said less than 10% of salespeople actually follow up a prospect more than once after they have sent a proposal. I had […]

How To Turn Failure Into Success In Sales

Let me say something that, on the face of it, may sound puzzling. You learn more when things are going badly than when they are going well. Go on, admit it…that’s an interesting statement (even if you don’t agree with […]

The 2 Biggest Fears Of Selling

Do you know what the two main fears of selling are? Want me to tell you? Well, they are: 1) The Fear Of Rejection From You 2) The Fear Of Making A Mistake From Your Client Let’s look at these a […]

How Create, Develop & Maintain Optimism In Sales

Optimism has been described as a mental attitude reflecting a belief or hope that the outcome of some specific endeavour, or outcomes in general, will be positive, favourable, and desirable. It comes from the Latin ‘Optimum’ meaning ‘best’ and is […]

How To Develop A Sales Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

You wouldn’t go on holiday without deciding where you wanted to go, planning the accommodation and deciding on what transportation you would use. So, when you are planning your approach to sales, it makes total sense to determine the strategies […]

6 Inspirational Sales Quotes That Will Keep You Going

One thing that you can be certain of is that you cannot be successful on your own these days. You need a coach or a mentor to assist you to achieve those aspirations and opportunities that may come your way, […]

Successful Salesperson? Don’t Do These 5 Things!

  You’ll have read lots of information on what you need to do to improve your sales. I have thought about it from a different perspective and come up with things that you shouldn’t do! Keep away from these concepts […]

Make Your Brand Stand Out Against The Competition

Brand is often described as ‘a variety of something distinguished by some distinctive characteristic’. Apple’s brand, for instance, is characterised by the statement ‘Think Different’. It creates a label in people’s mind that attracts them and builds trust in the […]

A Change In Mindset Can Smash Your Sales Targets

I was talking to a sales manager recently, who was concerned about one of his salespeople. This person was suffering from a negative mind-set, where if he didn’t sell or at least get the appointments he wanted, he felt very […]

How To Elevate Your Credibility In Sales

We are supposedly exposed to over 5,000 marketing, advertising and other types of messages each day. Personally, I think it’s a lot more, especially when you think of how many emails we get! What does this mean to a hard-working, […]

Why USP Is No Longer ‘Unique Selling Proposition’…

Whenever salespeople start talking about their products to prospects, the inevitable question about ‘what makes you different?’ will always crop up. Prospects want to know that they are getting a great product at a great price with great back-up. In […]

The Customer Asks, “Why Should We Use You?”

So, you’ve got to the part of the conversation where the customer asks the £64,000 question, hence indicating they are interested but haven’t yet been persuaded to think seriously about your solution. What do they really want and need when […]

6 Main Components That Create Sales Excellence

Excellence is a word that is bandied about so much these days that it can often lose its meaning or its differentiation. The dictionary defines it as ‘being exceptional, being superior in some way, achieving extreme merit, pre-eminence or distinction’. […]

5 Steps To Nail Your Sales Job Interview

This is a guest blog written by Stephanie Earle from Simply Sales Jobs Job interviews are often a nerve-wracking prospect, especially if it’s a job you’d really love! Don’t be daunted by the prospect, as a salesperson you’re in the […]

4 Steps To Become More ‘Sales Savvy’

Being sales savvy is to have the business acumen, practical knowledge and active ability to carry out your sales job effectively and efficiently. Most salespeople would mark themselves fairly high when asked if they are savvy when it comes to […]

Are Your KPI’s In The Way Of Your KRA’s?

Most salespeople we train know they need to achieve their KPI’s, as this is the key measurement against which their performance is analysed. Normally these performance areas revolve around the number of calls they need to make, the amount of […]

How To Overcome 3 Main Limiting Beliefs In Sales

I remember seeing a psychologist on TV talking about how he worked with people on how to change their lives for the better. He succeeded with some people and had not such big success with others. When asked what made […]

Make Sure You’re Selling The Right Kind Of Value

What was that? You mean, there are different kinds of value the customer is looking for? Boy, I thought it was hard enough selling value to my customer, and now you’re telling me that there may be different ways that […]

Be A First Rate Version Of Yourself

I remember years ago being on a training course where we were learning coaching skills. The facilitator was coaching someone to use a golf putter when they had never played golf in their life. It was fun to watch this […]

Ways To Make Your Value Standout In The Crowd

We often get asked to help salespeople craft their cold-calling script so that the recipient drools at the very thought of meeting with the salesperson and has sleepless nights waiting for the presentation that will change their lives for the […]