Use Client Testimonials To Close More Sales

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Customer Feedback checklistYou face some objections so regularly, you know well in advance you will get them and you know how to answer them. You also have customers whom you have closed by overcoming those same objections. Here is a way to leverage those clients to overcome objections and close more sales.

To Start, Make an Investment
To start to build your book of testimonial letters, put your money where your mouth is, and close at the same time. Offer to, in effect, pay the prospective customer for the testimonial letter, while discounting the price and close for the sale. Here is a generic example:

Sales Person
“Ethan, if I understand you correctly, your concern is that our advertising plan may not bring you in the amount of new business I mentioned in the proposal. Is that right?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, you SAY that the plan will bring me in 30 to 40 new customers a month, but I can’t really know that…”

Sales Person
“Ethan, I am so confident that the plan will bring you in that amount and more, that after just two weeks on our service, you will have so much new business, that you will be ready to write a testimonial letter for me. And I am so sure of that, that I will put my money where my mouth is.

Here is a proposal for you. Immediately after our service begins, start to keep record of new customers. Nothing elaborate, but when people come in, just ask them how they heard of you, and note how many say it was from one of our systems.

Then, I’ll ask you to write a letter for me about how many new customers the service brought in; a letter that I will keep with me to show other prospective customers.

I am so confident that your letter will say that our plan brought you in a ton of business and paid for itself overnight, that I will even pay you for that letter right now!

That letter is the best type of advertising we can use. It will help me gain more clients and save us on marketing costs. I will pass some of that savings on to you right now…

I will take £450 off your cost to show you that I am totally confident that you will give me a positive letter in two weeks. Ethan, will you write me a testimonial about how much business the system brought you?”

As always, that is not meant as a script, but a very generic example. Get commitments for testimonial letters as you close and use different objections. Make sure to let the prospect know exactly what the topic of the letter should be. Of course, that topic is the very objection they are using.

The Old Feel, Felt, Found
Now after some time, you have a portfolio of testimonial letters focusing on various objections. Now use those; again to get MORE letters and close MORE sales.

Sales Person
Sarah, I understand perfectly how you feel. Many of my best customers actually felt the same way. In fact, one of those clients owns a shop not far from here and he felt exactly as you. He was uncertain that the plan would work for him as well.

However, he found that it did a fantastic job; so much so, that he even wrote a letter…let me show you… “

Take it to the next level, and have happy and satisfied customers be willing to accept a telephone call from prospective customers.

Use testimonials and elevate “feel, felt, found” to another level!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 9 April, 2012

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