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When you prospect over the telephone do you always get stuck with the people who can never make the decision?

You’re probably not qualifying hard enough. But instead, you might be making more and more cold calls and hoping some mud will stick. You think that my doing this you will make up for your lack of qualifying.

Instead, it’s time to qualify a little hard and you can do so by using the acronym: MAN

Man stands for Money, Authority, Need.

The people you should get through should either hold the money in the company and be able to spend it, have the authority to make decisions or they should have the need for whatever you are selling.

If they have all three then it’s SHOWTIME!

Always make sure your calls focus on one of these types. Now, I know you should always go for those people who can make the decisions.

But if you go after the “NEED” person the call should be positioned around influencing them to make the right noises with the people who can make the decisions to go with your product etc.

An “insider” on your side can work wonders when you eventually get around to talking with the decision maker.

Learn how to set appointments over the phone and how to respond to the I’m not interested cold call rebuttal.

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Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 18 January, 2008

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