7 Things You Should Never Say When Closing

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Sign contractI’m sure you’ve been in that situation where you’re about to gain commitment from the buyer and then you put your foot right in at, and completely blow the moment!

It could be that you said something the buyer picks up on and it makes them nervous about making that final decision.

This is the point of every conversation where you don’t need to put any pressure on the buyer.

It needs to sound like the natural next step in the process of saying yes.

Here are 7 things you should avoid saying so the buyer doesn’t feel pressured in any way:

Just Sign This Contract And We Can Settle Up Now

The word ‘contract’ can sound so formal and put pressure on some people.

Far better to say ‘agreement’ or papers’.

They sound softer and less rigid.

Sign Here, Please

As above.

Signing something can make the person feel they are writing away part of life!

Better to say something like, ‘Let’s OK everything just here’.

It means the same thing, only softer in the approach.


For many people, spending is a risk.

Drop that from your vocabulary.

Instead say something like ‘invest’ or ‘your purchase’.

It alleviates further pressure.

 Our Price Is…

The investment should feel like that…an investment.

As soon as you say ‘price’, it can sound warning bells to the buyer.

We always ‘pay a price’.

But we always ‘make an investment’.

Of Course, Taxes Are On Top Of That…

In B2B sales, the buyer is probably aware that taxes will have to be placed on top of the price.

Better to say ‘the pre-tax figure is…..’

In B2C sales, the buyer wants to know precisely what they need to invest.

If they hear you say £500, but the final figure is £600 with the VAT, they will feel a little disgruntled that the £500 was even mentioned.

Tell Me When You Want It, And We’ll Try Our Best….

Instead of making empty promises, or ‘trying’ to do something for the buyer, be specific with delivery.

Don’t leave this important issue up to the buyer to decide.

What if they say they want it tomorrow and you can’t until next week?

You’ve made a hash of that!

Finally, Any Promise That You Know You Can’t Keep!

If you promise something that can’t be backed up, and the buyer requests it, your apology will be weak and pathetic.

Always be honest when asked for information, and if necessary, under-promise and over-deliver.

That’s better than finding yourself having to backtrack or make excuses.

So, seven tips for what not to say when closing.

Keep away from these obvious ones and, not only will you sound more professional, you’ll also make more sales!

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 14 September, 2017