A Sales Story: Apply Expert Knowledge

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Cartoon brain thinkingThe islanders panicked as their main generator, the source of all of the electric power on their island had stopped working.  They immediately called in everyone on the island with knowledge of fixing generators.

The oldest and most reliable electrician in town made the first attempt to fix the generator, as he had nearly 50 years experience with such matters.  However, after two hours, he could not get the machine to work.  He left his bill for £400.  A second fix-it guru from the island went to work on the generator, also to no avail, leaving his bill for £320.

The islanders could never tolerate outsiders to their private land, however, as a last resort; they reluctantly called an expert from the mainland.

Upon exiting the helicopter, the man proceeded to the generator.  He studied it for a moment, and slowly walked around the machine.  He then crouched on one knee, formed his right hand into a fist and banged his knuckles on the generator with two loud knocks.

“Brraaoom!”  Instantly the generator started up!  The man got back on the helicopter and left.  Later the islanders received his bill for £10,002 plus airfare.  Outraged, the island leader called the generator expert.

“What is this?”  The island leader demanded.  “How could you possibly charge us £10,002 just for knocking on the machine twice?”

“No, you’ve got it all wrong.”  The expert explained.  “The knocks are only £2, that’s all.  I charge £1 per knock.  The £10,000—–that’s for knowing WHERE to knock.”

And the Moral of the Story is…
All of the product knowledge in the world is useless, if you do not understand where and how to apply such knowledge to solve the problems of your perspective clients.   Do not sell knowledge, expertise, experience, history or even benefits.  Sell solutions!  Know where to knock.

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Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 5 August, 2011

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