Lose The Projector – Connect Instead With The Prospect

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Puzzle connect in monitorWe’re often asked to help salespeople put slides together for their presentation to prospects. Some ideas salespeople have are brilliantly creative; some are as boring as the proverbial wet weekend.

Naturally, we help out whenever we can and everyone is grateful for our advice on how to improve their presentations. However…

The first question we always ask is ‘Why are you presenting?

This often creates a puzzling reaction from salespeople. Isn’t it obvious, they say? To show the client what they will get from our products and services!

Yea, but most slideshows through the projector or on the laptop or iPad are more about the seller rather than the buyer. To be honest, when you use slides, you lose connection with the client.


Because your attention when you use slides simply has to be on something other than what’s really important here. I’m not saying you can’t have anything visual that shows ideas or concepts. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t rely on the slides to sell what you’re selling.

The way I do it when I go to see prospects is quite simple. I leave the projector at home and simply talk about what the results will be if they used our services.

And if I need to share information in real time with them, I will stand up, walk around their side of the table with my chair and write it out using good old pen and paper.

Yes, I leave information with them to review afterwards. Yes, I send proposals that detail everything we have spoken about. And yes, I set the meeting up with specifics that we are going to be discussing in the meeting.

But actually during the meeting itself I want to concentrate on the prospect, and I find that I have closer contact with them and their needs that way.

And I want the prospect to know that this is the way our business relationship is going to be in the future as well. We’ll be talking the same language from, figuratively, on the same side of the table.

So, leave the projector and those PowerPoints behind. Concentrate on the only thing that really matters during your meeting...the client and the results you will achieve for them.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 28 January, 2014

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