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5 Ways To Become The Decision Maker’s Favourite

Many companies we have worked with have measurements to ascertain the satisfaction of their customers with the products they sell, the back-up services they offer and the overall experience that their customers enjoy. However, it is possible that you could have a very satisfied customer who doesn’t use your services that often. It has to be appreciated that satisfaction does…

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3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Buyer

Your ability to uncover needs in your customer’s business is one of the areas that will make you stand out from the competition. It can differentiate you, your services and your products because it offers a perspective that few buyers may be able to see themselves. That outsider viewpoint can make a big difference to the buyer, as they can…

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Follow These 3 Simple Steps When Trying To Motivate Your Sales Team

Motivating a Sales Team is mission critical to successes. However, it is very easy for a sales manager to THINK that he or she is sufficiently motivating the team simply because no one offers any objection or criticism. Since the sales team is not complaining, I must be doing everything right? Wrong. Now in answering this question, let me say…

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12 Tips To Nurture And Build Relationships With Clients

Gavin Ingham once said “Most salespeople make a sale to a client and then move on to the next one. Most clients think that salespeople only ring them when they want to a) sell something new or b) renew their contracts. If someone only rang you when they wanted to sell your something or get you to commit to a new…

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7 Ways Sales People Can Embed The Latest Tech Into Their Roles

The modern day sales person and organisations encounter many issues with embedding the latest technological trends into their daily practices. Please find below a free 64 page report called “The Sales Automation Guide”. This great free report covers: – An overview of sales force automation in the modern business world – How to build a sales strategy that harnesses the IT…

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Too Much To Do Today? Here’s How To Handle Being Overwhelmed

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of sales calls to make, prospecting to do, admin to catch up on, proposals to complete? Join  the club! There are many people out there who are in despair, not knowing what to do first, second or last. Firstly, know it’s fine to have too much on your plate … as the saying…

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3 Ways Sales People Can Destroy The Fear Of Indecision

Many times, you will get to the position in the sale where you and the prospect are discussing moving forward with your product or service, and the progress stalls because the prospect fears making a mistake. Indecision is caused by people having fears that something will go wrong or another choice may have been better. The word ‘decision’ comes from…

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5 Simple Ways Salespeople Can Generate More Leads

lead generation

A business magazine editor called me a week ago to discuss some articles he wanted me to write for him soon. During the discussion, I asked him about how he and his writing team maintain their creativity and keep coming up with ideas. He mentioned a number of concepts, and I thought that these would also work for you, as…

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How To Nail The Balance Of Logic v Emotion When Selling

Scientists tell us that humans have more than one brain. Some people you know may disprove that rule (only half a brain?!) but the truth is that everyone has three parts to their brain: firstly, there’s the reptilian brain, responsible for fight or flight, and located at the top of the spine, close to the back of your skull. Secondly, there…

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5 Easy Ways To Get Your Prospects To Reply To Emails

Getting prospects to reply to your emails can seem daunting. You put it all together, you give details about your products and how good they are, you make special offers, send them all off and then wait for the replies to pour in, with orders attached. Yeah, right! How can you build more chances that you’ll get replies to your…

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