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All Successful Sales Directors Share This One Trait

If there was one quality or trait that you would think all great sales director share, what would you think it to be? I’m sure you’re thinking of many, and it would be difficult to disagree with any ones that you come up with. But if I had to choose one that would be top of the list, it would…

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Successful Sales Managers NEVER Use These Phrases

When we interview sales managers and ask how they motivate their sales teams, we often here similar stories of how they build up morale and get their teams thinking about growing and advancing in their sales prowess. But we sometimes ask them what they would NEVER say and what would be the implications if they did. It gets them thinking,…

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Tips On Cold Calling – The Cold Calling Tips Cheat Sheet

Want some tips on cold calling? Here’s the cold calling cheat sheet! I must receive about 20+ emails each month that ask me for specific help and guidance on cold calling so here are some top tips: Sound Like A Human Being Try not to sound like a robotic cold caller. That’s what 95% of the cold callers sound like….

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What Great Key Account Managers Do Daily

Key Account Managers (KAM) are the lifeblood of any organisation wanting to grow and develop their network and a loyal client base. Excellence in the role often comes from natural characteristics, but is also forged through building skills that are shown on a daily basis. These then become habits, and it’s this habitual alignment of skills, attitudes and motives that…

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7 “Innocent” Habits Of Failing Sales Directors

Sales Directors and Sales Managers rarely get to their positions simply through loyalty or length of time served. They’ve most likely been in the sales world themselves and been an excellent sales person. But this doesn’t mean they will necessarily make it as a manager or director of business. Indeed, there are many people who direct or manage sales, and…

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What Should You Say When Asking For Referrals?

I have seen and heard tons of techniques and tricks on how to ask for referrals from your customers. But I have to tell you that most of those so-called golden nuggets are actually outdated, old-school pitch-mentality approaches to working with updated, modern and sophisticated consumers. I am going to make this short and sweet, because asking for referrals from…

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10 Ways Sales Managers Motivate And Demotivate Their Teams

A sales manager on one of our leadership programmes was asked what he considered to be his biggest priority at work. We thought he would have said ‘hitting targets’ like everyone else had said on the programme. This sales manager said something rather intriguing. He said that his biggest priority had to be keeping his team motivated and inspired. That…

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How To Identify A Weak Sales Manager

There are few things more exasperating than employing someone who you have to micro-manage or continuously direct to get results. That person who started off so well, or had all the right things on their CV, starts to make you wonder why you picked them in the first place. So what are the identifying marks of a weak sales manager?…

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5 Top Tips For Successful Consultative Selling

No matter what you sell, a consultative selling approach is essential if you want to land the business. Click on this link if you’re looking for a consultative selling course. If you’re looking for tips then please read on! For me, it’s all about unearthing the needs, the wants and desires of your prospects and then positioning your product or solution in…

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How To Get Past Gatekeepers

The Gatekeeper: the secretary, receptionist or personal assistant, whose job it is to “screen” your call and stop you from talking to the decision maker. We all understand the importance of talking to “The Decision Maker” Talk to someone who is not qualified and you’re wasting your time! If you are in B2B sales then you have come face to…

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