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The Meaning of Consultative Selling, 4 Revolutionising Communication Steps, A Quote From Richard Branson

Episode 2: Loads Bubbling Podcast The Meaning of Consultative Selling, 4 Revolutionising Communication Steps, A Quote From Richard Branson This podcast includes: What Exactly Is Consultative Selling? Communication Skills : 4 Revolutionising Steps A Key Quote From Richard Branson Take a look at this episode on

4 Powerful Sales Coaching Tips

Writing Text Showing Sales

I will make this short and sweet. Add these four golden rules to your daily management style and you will be a more effective sales coach. Depending on what you do, and your business structure, some of these may not apply exactly to your situation. However, you will get the idea. Lead By Example The old commanding, “Do as I say,…

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3 Common Mistakes Experienced Cold Callers Make

Call Center

After years of on-the-job training, and tens of thousands of cold calls, you have finally arrived. You are a pro. You are able to pick up the telephone and make appointments seemingly at will. However, do not get too comfortable, because even at your level, there are some major mistakes you must avoid. Below are the three most common mistakes…

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Understanding the modern day buyer, “Send me info” RIP & an inspirational quote from Amazon

Episode 1: Loads Bubbling Podcast Understanding the modern day buyer, “Send me info” RIP & an inspirational quote from Amazon This podcast includes: Top Tip: Understanding The Modern Day Buyer Skills Pill: How To Respond To “Send Me Some Information/Literature” Inspire Me Quote: From Jeff Bezos Of Amazon Take a look at this episode on

The 1 Question Every Buyer Wants Answered

red question sign in hands

Over the years most training and development programmes for salespeople have emphasised the importance of effective processes and techniques to be able to ‘sell’ their products and services. Most salespeople want to know how to ‘open the call’ or ‘overcome objections’. The skill development has revolved around how the knowledge and experience can be built so that they can capture interest,…

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The 2 Biggest Fears Of Selling

man in frustration

Do you know what the two main fears of selling are? Want me to tell you? Well, they are: 1) The Fear Of Rejection From You and 2) The Fear Of Making A Mistake From Your Client Let’s look at these a little more closely: The Fear Of Rejection From You A lot of sales people don’t make as many…

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How To Build Value In A Sales Presentation

value wording

Increase the value, or the perceived value of what you sell, and you will make more sales! You have to have ways to raise the value of your product or service. By that, I mean, when the buyer feels that the return, is greater than the investment, you will close more sales. The sale often takes place when the prospect feels…

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How To Build Up The Gains For Your Customers

Two man discussion

There are only two reasons why a customer’s business will want to change from what they’re doing to something else. The first is that your solutions offer something they don’t have now, and they will be able to benefit from having or using it. The second is if they are experiencing pains associated with the current situation and need to…

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5 Ways To Kill The Sale Before It’s Even Started


It’s often said that the best salespeople don’t have to sell; they make it easy for the prospect to make the decision to buy. Even so, companies still need salespeople to actively go out there and show the results that their customers will achieve with their products and services. It’s still possible, though, that some sales are lost either before…

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How To Differentiate Between What The Customer Wants & Needs

wants and needs

In conversations with salespeople, we sometimes ask if they know the differences between prospects’ needs and prospects’ wants. It may sound pedantic, but it can make a real difference in presenting solutions. Oftentimes, prospects will confuse their wants with their needs and vice versa. Their needs often revolve around the business; their wants often revolve around their personal gains. For…

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