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Use This Word For Word Phrase When Asking For Referrals

How confident do you feel in asking for referrals? If you’re like most salespeople we meet on our programmes, the answer will range from ‘not very’ to ‘about as confident as a snowman in summer’. How, then, do you build that confidence so it becomes a natural way to gain more business from your current clients’ database? Well, firstly you…

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7 Sales Phrases You Need To Use To Become More Assertive

It sounds strange that a salesperson could be considered non-assertive. Surely assertiveness is a key constituent of being in sales, isn’t it? Surprisingly, many salespeople lack the resources required to behave assertively. This may come across as submissive, passive-aggressive or even overtly aggressive at times. So, what phrases can you use in sales that will show an assertive disposition without…

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The Best Phrases To Use When Negotiating Discounts

Your ability to make a profitable sale often hinges on your skills when discussing what price you are willing to settle on for your product. If you are worried about whether you will make the sale or not, you may well offer a lower price to get the buyer to agree to the sale. However, buyers are cute (!) and…

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How To Overcome 10 Of The Hardest Sales Objections

Objections occur for many reasons. Maybe you haven’t built up the value of your solution. It could be the buyer has a similar solution and doesn’t want to change. Or they don’t trust that your products are right for them or their business. Don’t be put off by objections. If you walk away at the first sign of resistance, you…

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3 Critical Sales Questions You NEED To Ask The Customer

Here are three critical questions you need to confirm with your customer before you have a hope in progressing the sale: Who Is Going To Make The Decision? That’s pretty obvious, but do you know who the key influencers are, too? Who are the people the decision-maker is going to take counsel from, ask approval of, or commit the product…

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6 Inspirational Sales Quotes That Will Keep You Going

One thing that you can be certain of is that you cannot be successful on your own these days. You need a coach or a mentor to assist you to achieve those aspirations and opportunities that may come your way, but be missed if you try to do it all yourself. That’s why I keep my eyes and ears open…

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Want To Be A Successful Salesperson? Don’t Do These 5 Things!

You’ll have read lots of information on what you need to do to improve your sales. I have thought about it from a different perspective and come up with things that you shouldn’t do! Keep away from these concepts and you should avoid a lot of the traps associated with failure, many times without even knowing the reasons why. Don’t…

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3 Times When You SHOULD Take NO For An Answer

Well, we all know the old sales person’s mantra, “Never take NO for an answer!” Indeed, some sales people try to live by this greed. However, in attempting to live up to such a rigid and unrealistic standard, sales people often cross the line. The line I am referring to is the one where you go from being a professional, confident…

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The 3 Biggest Listening Mistakes Sales People Make (And How To Avoid Them…)

Listening skills… Every sales manager and director tells you how important they are but do they actually tell you how to improve them! As sales people elevate their sales skills in other areas, often the area of listening begins to suffer, and usually it is the more experienced pros who are the biggest culprits. There are reasons that listening skills deteriorate over…

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How To Use ‘Agree & Align’ When Dealing With Sales Objections

Why do objections occur? It’s an age-old question that gets salespeople crying into their beer. There are, naturally, many reasons why they come up, but they tend to revolve around one main cause…that the value of change doesn’t match the status quo. Here’s a different way to deal with objections. When a prospect states an objection, avoid the natural response,…

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