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How To Turn Failure Into Success In Sales

Let me say something that, on the face of it, may sound puzzling. You learn more when things are going badly than when they are going well. Go on, admit it…that’s an interesting statement (even if you don’t agree with […]

The Only 4 Reasons Your Prospect Will Buy

It’s really quite simple when you consider it: customers become customers if you solve a business problem or create an opportunity for them. That’s basically it, really. But so many salespeople think that just regurgitating a whole brochure-load of facts […]

Your Price SHOULD Be Higher Than Your Competitors

I met a salesperson on one of our Sales Courses who was really upset that his company had raised his product’s prices by over 3%, and hadn’t given him an explanation as to why. It was simply called ‘an inflationary […]

3 Ways Of Asking For The Sale Or Order

  After all the preparation, sales questions, proposals and meetings you’re so close to closing the deal. But there’s one thing stopping you! Asking for the sale… So let us look at a few more direct and clear ways to […]

7 Things Successful Sales People Never Say

What’s interesting about us humans is the fact that, even though we don’t like to admit it, we are judgemental beings. Often, we don’t view ourselves as being judgemental; we consider ourselves to be realists. A situation occurs and we […]

4 Tips To Become An Effective Sales Coach

I will make this short and sweet. Add these four golden rules to your daily management style and you will be a more effective sales coach. Depending on what you do, and your business structure, some of these may not apply […]

How To Build Value In A Sales Presentation

Increase the value, or the perceived value of what you sell, and you will make more sales! Something we always say during our Sales Training. You have to have ways to raise the value of your product or service. By […]

7 Key Phrases That Will Spark Your Sales Interactions

Salespeople are great conversationalists. That is, they find it easy to discuss opportunities and possibilities with prospects, listening to their needs and wants, and working with them to deliver great products and services. But once in a while, you need […]

When Planning Your Sales Presentation You Must…

We’ve never been so time-poor. With everything inside and outside of our control exerting pressure on us to deliver, it’s not surprising that many things that should be done miss their deadline. One of those things that often goes by […]

4 Simple Steps To Build A Strong & Loyal Customer Base

Most of us would agree that it costs considerably more to get a new customer than to maintain a loyal one. So, it follows that customer retention must be a major component of an effective marketing strategy and that’s especially […]

How To Critique A Sales Meeting

  Do you move from one sales meeting to the next without conducting a full review on how the last one went? If the answer is yes, then chances are that you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. […]

The Best Answer To ‘Can You Match Their Price?’

Most salespeople dread the question that asks if you can match the price the competitor has offered. It’s the type of sales objection that makes you cringe. It immediately puts you on the back foot, as you probably wanted to […]

5 Ways To Guarantee A ‘Yes’ From The Decision Maker

  The title of this blog a bold statement. But we have experienced many meetings with decision-makers where these ways have proved successful. I’m going to share them with you in this article. How many times have you thought that […]

Don’t Interrogate Your Prospect, Use This Approach…

Many buyers have told us in the past that the one thing they hate when with salespeople is being sold to. That seems odd, when you think the reason they are there is to sell their products! But what they […]

7 Skills Sales Directors Will Need In 2025

  It’s no secret that everything in the working environment is evolving. The biggest shifts that are happening in work are being driven by Artificial Intelligence, globalisation, robotics and COVID. The generational gaps that we really didn’t have to concern […]

17 Sales Tips A Buyer Would Give You If You Would Listen

  Many salespeople who attend our Sales Training regularly ask us: How do I overcome price objections? What should I do with someone who ignores my emails? These questions and countless others often show salespeople are looking at sales from […]

33 Sales Tips & Techniques

Here are 33 tips and techniques that I believe will help every salesperson to improve their overall sales figures and create more motivation and drive. Take a look and let me know what your favourites are, and what other tips […]

How To Increase Sales Value In Your Client’s Eyes

How many times do your clients talk about you reducing your prices? What do you say when the issue of price is brought up by the prospect? In which direction do you take the conversation when price is the biggest […]

Understanding Prospective Buyers

  If only everyone was the same, it would make selling a lot easier. Just imagine if you could predict how they buy, their behaviour and their next move. We’d all have smiles on our faces as we went into […]

What Makes A Good Account Manager?

  When we work with Sales People on our Account Management Training open course we are often impressed by their knowledge, skill-sets and attitudes that drive them to success. So that we can share their successful attributes and maybe model their […]

Top Tips For Managing Accounts

  I received an email last week from Trevor Borrows who is a newly appointed National Sales Manager in charge of a team of Account Managers. Here’s what Trevor asked: “Hi Sean, being a new National Sales Manager I need […]

14 Phrases A Sales Manager Should Never Use

  We train hundreds of sales managers and leaders on our Sales Management Training programme every year. When we ask them how they motivate their sales teams, we often here similar stories of how they build up morale and get […]

What Great Key Account Managers Do Daily

  Key Account Managers (KAM) are the lifeblood of any organisation wanting to grow and develop their network and a loyal client base. Excellence in the role often comes from natural characteristics, but is also forged through building skills that […]

10 Ways Sales Managers Demotivate Their Teams

  A sales leader attending of our Sales Management Training programmes was asked what he considered to be his biggest priority at work. We thought he would have said ‘hitting targets’ like everyone else had said on the programme. This […]

How To Identify A Weak Sales Manager

  There are few things more exasperating than employing someone who you have to micro-manage or continuously direct to get results. That person who started off so well, or had all the right things on their CV, starts to make […]

5 Top Tips For Successful Consultative Selling

No matter what you sell, a consultative selling approach is essential if you want to land the business. Click on this link if you’re looking for a consultative selling course. If you’re looking for tips then please read on! For me, it’s […]

How To Get Past The Gatekeeper

  If you still view gatekeepers as annoying, low-level, annoying pawns whose mission in life is to do nothing but waste your time, cost you money and make your life miserable, then I have news for you. The fact is […]

7 Different Key Account Management Definitions

  So, what exactly is a Key Account? Think about your own organisation for a moment and what you class as a key account.  Is there an easy to follow definition? Does everyone understand what one is? Or are they […]

How To Develop A Sales Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

You wouldn’t go on holiday without deciding where you wanted to go, planning the accommodation and deciding on what transportation you would use. So, when you are planning your approach to sales, it makes total sense to determine the strategies […]

Sending A Following Up On Our Conversation Email

  Have you ever heard of the statistic that says that 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect? Yes, it’s fake, but still, most salespeople are bad at following up. There are a lot of sales follow up […]

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