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The 2500-Year-Old Questioning Technique That Works With Modern Day Buyers

Imagine you’re walking around the shops and an elderly man approaches you, asking you some questions. You try to ignore him, but his questions are powerful and engaging. He makes you think a lot and you find yourself drawn into the conversation which very quickly brings out how you see a current situation. Although he never really takes a position,…

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3 Ways To Wake Up From A Sales Slump

No matter how long you have been in sales, you will inevitably experience the ups and downs of the business world and create opportunities from them or suffer from the pain of lost sales. It would be wonderful to always maintain a high profile with all your customers, and be on top of your game at all times. But what…

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Use This 3 Step Process To Start Asking The Right Sales Questions

If ever there was a key skill that you need to study and improve upon it’s asking the right sales questions. You need to unearth the pain, the desire and the motivations that will get your prospect to take action. Now in an ideal world your prospect will answer your questions EXACTLY the way that you want them to so…

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3 Ways To Overcome Your Fears Before The Sales Meeting

Do you sometimes find it strange that a sportsperson or experienced actor would admit to feeling nervous before a big performance or game? Surely their knowledge and familiarity with what they have to do would allay any fears they might have? Well, it shows we are all human. No matter how many times you may have performed, even at the…

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Get Rid Of Empty Pipelines Once And For All

So, you have finally closed the big one! You have been working on that sale for a long time and no one believed that you could close it, but you did. However, now you look up and see your pipeline is empty. Now you are short on leads, prospects, appointments and generally everything. When your pipeline runs dry, it’s like…

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5 Steps To Follow When You’ve Done No Sales Meeting Preparation

So you’ve arrived 30 minutes early and you’re sitting in your car ready to go in and visit a prospect and you’ve made the cardinal sin and have not done any sales preparation for this meeting! Shame on you! So you might have briefly scanned their website but that’s just about it.   Well, here are 5 areas to prepare…

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5 YouTube Sales Videos To Give You A Real Belly Laugh

Here are some amazing facts: The total number of people who use YouTube has reached 1.3 billion! 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.! In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube! Those phenomenal figures show that YouTube is the ‘GoTo’ place…

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5 Ways That Your Rapport Building Is Destroying Your Buyer’s Trust

You will have heard how important it is to build rapport with a buyer and gain their trust. If it doesn’t exist, it’s unlikely you’ll get very far with building a relationship. One definition of rapport is: a state of harmonious understanding with another individual or group that enables greater and easier communication. This harmony is important because without it…

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6 Ways To Keep Your Prospects Hot After The First Visit

I received an interesting question yesterday. Here it is: Hi Sean Please can you offer some help. I have purchased a new Laser cutting machine for cutting just about any shape you can think of out of steel. So, we have been telling everyone on our data base, just what we have to offer. However, how do we maintain the…

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5 Ways To Become The Decision Maker’s Favourite

Many companies we have worked with have measurements to ascertain the satisfaction of their customers with the products they sell, the back-up services they offer and the overall experience that their customers enjoy. However, it is possible that you could have a very satisfied customer who doesn’t use your services that often. It has to be appreciated that satisfaction does…

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