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What Is Active Listening And How Can We Improve It?

What exactly is ‘active listening’ and why can it be so difficult at times? It’s a question we get asked a lot on our Sales Training. As the term suggests, active listening skills can be developed, as it is a […]

What Are The Different Types Of Selling?

  By different types of sales, we’re referring to the sales styles that salespeople will adopt when they are with prospects and customers. Either face-to-face or online. Over the years the styles have changed because buyers’ needs have changed. We’ve […]

How To Sell A Product To A Customer?

Ever wondered about the intricacies behind how to make a product to sell, and equally then, how to sell a product to a customer? When you think of a salesperson, what immediately springs to mind? Is it the old ‘snake-oil’ […]

How To Run A Successful Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are a great opportunity for a sales manager to get their team together and to review performance and help with motivation. Run correctly they can work wonders to sales team performance. Run poorly and it would have been […]

What To Include In A Client Meeting Agenda

Preparation is key when meeting a new client. You certainly don’t want to risk ‘winging it’ with someone new, especially if it’s the first time you have met with them. This is a great opportunity to find out whether this […]

5 Components Of A Salesperson’s Belief System

What is a belief system? Wiki would have it described as a mental representation of an attitude oriented toward the likelihood of something being true. I like that concept, because it identifies a model that supports the way someone likes […]

10 Top Qualities Of A Good Negotiator

Every wondered what makes a good negotiator? Negotiation comes from the root word ‘negotiat’ meaning ‘done in the course of business’. In other words, it’s a natural part of the conversation process when dealing with prospects, so if you feel […]

5 Questions To Ask To Really Understand Your Buyer

One of the keys to increasing sales is getting under the skin of the prospect or your customer, so ascertain the real needs and to get them to understand how they can improve their business using your solutions. Without that […]

Turn Your Sales Weaknesses Into Strengths

  Many salespeople have nightmares when trying to present solutions to their prospects because they perceive their competitors are stronger than them in certain areas, or their prices are higher and they are convinced the buyers will always go for […]

Your Value Proposition In 5 Minutes Flat

What’s most important to your prospects? When we ask this question, many salespeople we train will answer “to save money!” And, while that’s often the main topic of conversation, it rarely transpires as the REAL criteria prospects use to decide […]

Why Sales Storytelling Is A Killer Skill

If you want to create a true emotional connection with your prospects and clients, then I recommend that you improve storytelling skills. Indeed, in my opinion sales storytelling can be your superpower and really separate you apart from your competition. […]

Needs & Wants Are OK, But Problems Are Even Better

One of our clients approached us recently and said “I need you to run a motivation session for our sales team. Their figures are down and I want you to give them a boost”. We discussed the situation with him, […]

Should You Always Agree With Your Client?

“The customer is always right” I’m sure you’ve heard these oft-quoted words from Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of the department store that bears his name. And how often have you thought of those words and cringed when the customer […]

3 Tips To Ensure You’re Selling To The Decision Maker

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re talking to a prospect that the person isn’t who they say they are? By that, of course I don’t mean they are an impostor! No, but maybe they are claiming to have […]

10 Ways To Prepare For Your First Cold Call

  Sometimes, even the words ‘cold call’ can send shivers down salespeople’s’ spines. The very thought of picking up the phone or writing an email to a prospect who has never heard of you or knows little about your products […]

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