Consultative Selling Training

Sell More: Dig Deeper,
Uncover Needs & Build Value

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Consultative Selling Training

Sell More: Dig Deeper,
Uncover Needs & Build Value

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Consultative Selling Course

Course Aim

Our Consultative Selling Training Programmes will provide you with the skills and techniques so you can unearth the needs and wants of your buyers so you can effectively work out a strategy on how to offer your products and services to them in the right way.

You need to give your prospects and clients a good listening to. Long gone are the days when you would turn up and just pitch your solutions and products to them.

Instead, you need to be able to understand their requirements and build up a picture so that you know how your products and services can help them. You can only achieve this through consultative selling.

We can run this as a 1-day, or a 2-day consultative sales course based on your requirements and level of customisation. Either way, you’ll understand the strategies behind successful consultative selling.


Course Objectives

  • Differentiate between traditional and consultative selling to leverage consultative advantages.
  • Adopt a consultative mindset to enhance client relationship quality.
  • Open sales interactions effectively, establishing immediate rapport and trust.
  • Utilise questioning and listening to deeply understand client needs.
  • Accurately summarise client needs for tailored solution development.
  • Articulate the impact and benefits of solutions, emphasising client value.
  • Present solutions clearly, linking them to specific client needs.
  • Pre-emptively address and resolve client concerns and objections.
  • Secure client commitment for next steps or the close with clear benefits.
  • Implement practical strategies for continuous improvement in consultative selling.

Target Audience

This consultative selling training course is ideal for sales professionals and managers across various sectors aiming to shift from traditional to consultative sales approaches.

It suits individuals at all experience levels who wish to enhance their ability to understand and meet client needs, improve customer relationships, and drive long-term business success.

The course is especially beneficial for those focused on developing client-centred strategies and advanced communication skills.

UK Pricing

Please contact us to discuss pricing as it will depend on the number days you require, the delivery method (face to face, virtual etc) and the number of learners involved.

Course Overview

Day 1

“Traditional Selling” v “Consultative Selling”

  • What’s the difference?
  • Why use the consultative selling approach?
  • Establishing the consultative selling mind-set

What Does Excellence Look Like?

  • What’s the end game?
  • What are we aiming for in a sales interaction?

Position – Opening Your Sales Interaction With Impact

  • Opening your interaction with a purpose
  • Establishing rapport and showing the value of your interaction today
  • Build instant credibility and trust within the first 5 minutes

Discover – Mutually Define Needs

  • Understanding the needs and wants of the client
  • Questioning and listening – different types of questions
  • The needs dialogue process
  • The probing factor
  • Summarising needs

Build – Explore The Impacts Of Needs & Benefits

  • Establish impacts and costs of current situation
  • Involving the clients in exploring the consequences of doing nothing
  • Exploring problems and creating urgency
Day 2

Present – Discuss Options

  • Discuss initial ideas and concepts in a clear and precise way
  • Linking the content to your client’s needs
  • Focus on benefits and what’s in it for the client
  • Understanding the value equation

Resolve – Resolve Concerns Before They Become Obstacles

  • Objection handling planning and responding to each one
  • Pre-empt resistance and doubts before they surface
  • Overcoming doubts, misinformation and legitimate concerns

Secure Commitment

  • Securing commitment for the next call/meeting, the next step, the close
  • Ensuring the client understandings his/her needs and the benefits you provide

Workshop Summary

  • Key learning points
  • What are you going to do more of, less of, start doing and stop doing?
  • Creating your own unique actions to implement following this session

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Course Methods

Our consultative selling courses are structured to be engaging and interactive, focusing on the specific needs of the attendees and the organisation.

It can be provided as an in-house workshop, a LIVE webinar, or a blended approach.

In-House Workshop
Live webinar
LIVE Webinar
Live webinar
Blended Solution

Experienced Sales Trainers

Our trainers have had years of experience both as salespeople and as trainers.

Meet a few of them to give you a feel of what they’re all about.



Jose is a global sales trainer with a CIM Diploma in Marketing and has boosted businesses from the NHS to TEDx events. His certified coaching techniques offer a worldwide perspective for achieving sales success.



Bronwyn, with a decade in sales training, combines her New Insights Certified Coach expertise across finance to marketing, impacting firms like the Ministry of Commerce and CMR UK Ltd. Her dynamic approach inspires sales excellence.

Lisa Thompson


Suk’s passion for sales development shines through his 10 years in the industry and ongoing CIPD Level 5 L&D studies. His commitment to nurturing sales talent at all levels is evident in his impactful training sessions.

Testimonials From Our Customers

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“Challenging our thinking and working as a business partner”

Delivers! That is the one word that sums up MTD. On time, beyond expectations, at short notice and without fail. Challenging our thinking and working as a business partner who wants our business to succeed. Someone you can bounce ideas around with and who isn’t afraid to give ideas and suggestions.

“Starting to see the benefits”

MTD have provided all our training for Sales Managers and Sales Executives. The feedback has been fantastic, and we are starting to see the benefits manifest themselves out in the Business Units. The work they carried out was second to none, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.



CPD Certified

All our in-house, bespoke Sales Training Courses and programmes are CPD Certified

Each of your salespeople will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific programme.

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Consultative Selling Training Pricing and FAQ’s

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