Software Demo Training

Learn How To Run Engaging Demos That Convert Into Sales

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Software Demo Training

Learn How To Run Engaging Demos That Convert Into Sales

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Training For Software Demos

Course Aim

If you sell software which requires you to demo the product or service online, then our Software Demo Training will equip your sales teams with the essential skills and techniques that they need to convert a higher percentage of prospects to clients then they are currently achieving.

Selling through a demo is much more than a “show up and throw up” of your software’s features and benefits.

It’s also much more than just a walkthrough of the main pages of your system.

Instead, you need to involve the prospect throughout the software demo and really focus in on the aspects of your software that are most relevant to them.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the essential components of a successful software demo.
  • Prepare thoroughly by researching the prospect and identifying potential key interests (“hot spots”).
  • Create a tailored demo script or framework to guide the presentation.
  • Master effective techniques for opening the interaction and establishing rapport.
  • Utilise probing questions to uncover the prospect’s objectives, needs, and key criteria.
  • Personalise the demo walkthrough, linking software benefits directly to the prospect’s requirements.
  • Engage the prospect actively throughout the demo to affirm value and applicability.
  • Navigate the closing phase by positioning the right package and articulating clear benefits.
  • Overcome common objections with strategic responses to secure commitment.
  • Develop a follow-up strategy to maintain momentum and confirm next steps.

Target Audience

This software demo training course is ideal for sales professionals, account managers, and technical sales specialists involved in selling software products and services.

It’s specifically designed for those who wish to improve their demo presentation skills, from preparing and personalising demos to effectively closing sales.

The course benefits both newcomers to software sales seeking foundational skills and experienced salespeople aiming to refine their techniques for better engagement and conversion rates.

UK Pricing

Please contact us to discuss pricing as it will depend on the number days you require, the delivery method (face to face, virtual etc) and the number of learners involved.

Course Overview

Day 1

The DNA Of A Successful Demo

  • What does excellence look like?
  • The key stages of a demo (if performed correctly!)

Pre Demo Planning And Preparation

  • Researching the prospect and their company
  • Creating potential “hot spots” for the prospect
  • Creating a framework/script from which to use
  • Confirming the appointment with the prospect

Opening The Interaction & Initial Fact Find

  • Introductions and rapport building
  • Positioning the call today and key objectives
  • Effective questions to ask to obtain the objectives and goals of the prospect
  • Probing the needs and requirements of the prospect
  • Establishing key criteria for the prospect that is important to them

The Demo Walkthrough

  • Personalising the walk through and the pages based on the requirements of the prospect
  • Linking benefits of your software to their requirements and continuously building value throughout your interaction
  • Involving the prospect throughout the demo via
    • Asking questions
    • Confirming benefits
    • Can the prospect see this working
    • How could the prospect use this
Day 2

Confirming The Next Steps

  • Positioning the right package for your client and expressing benefits and features linked back to their requirements
  • How to probe and ask for a trial close
  • How cover the pay off and “what’s in it for them”
  • Confirming what happens next and onboarding logistics
  • Asking for the business in the right way which makes it sound simple
  • Overcoming any resistance:
    • “It’s too expensive/costs too much”
    • “I’ll have to run it by other people”
    • “I can’t see it working for us”
    • “We don’t have internal resource to implement it”
    • Others you receive

Prospect Follow Up

  • Planning a follow up strategy
  • Opening the call – conversation starters and rapport building statements from the demo
  • Confirming next steps

Action Planning

  • What are you going to do more of, less of, start doing & stop doing
  • Creating your own unique actions to implement following this workshop

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Course Methods

Our software demo training is structured to be engaging and interactive, focusing on the specific needs of the attendees and the organisation.

It can be provided as an in-house workshop, a LIVE webinar, or a blended approach.

In-House Workshop
Live webinar
LIVE Webinar
Live webinar
Blended Solution

Experienced Sales Trainers

Our trainers have had years of experience both as salespeople and as trainers.

Meet a few of them to give you a feel of what they’re all about.



Jose is a global sales trainer with a CIM Diploma in Marketing and has boosted businesses from the NHS to TEDx events. His certified coaching techniques offer a worldwide perspective for achieving sales success.

Lisa Thompson


Suk’s passion for sales development shines through his 10 years in the industry and ongoing CIPD Level 5 L&D studies. His commitment to nurturing sales talent at all levels is evident in his impactful training sessions.



Bronwyn, with a decade in sales training, combines her New Insights Certified Coach expertise across finance to marketing, impacting firms like the Ministry of Commerce and CMR UK Ltd. Her dynamic approach inspires sales excellence.

Testimonials From Our Customers

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“There’s been an immediate uplift in sales”

Since our sales team underwent the demo training with MTD Sales Training there has been an immediate uplift in sales. I was surprised with how far off the mark we were in terms of our approach before we were introduced to a different structure, process and strategy that was bang on the money for the platform and content that we sell via demos.



CPD Certified

All our in-house, bespoke Sales Training Courses and programmes are CPD Certified.

Each of your salespeople will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific programme.

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