Exhibition Sales Training Course

Get A Real ROI For The
Exhibitions That You Run

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Exhibition Sales Training Course

Get A Real ROI For The
Exhibitions That You Run

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Exhibition Sales Training in the UK

Course Aim

This Exhibition Sales Training Course is designed to provide you with the essential sales skills and techniques to ensure that the exhibitions that you have a stand at are a roaring success.

Exhibiting can be very expensive so it’s very important that you maximise your effectiveness before, during and after the event to ensure that you receive a positive return on investment.

The value of face to face selling at exhibitions is well documented so it is imperative that you plan ahead and train your stand personnel to work harder and smarter than your competitors.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of exhibiting, including leads, sales, positioning, and branding.
  • Set clear exhibition objectives, targets, and ROI criteria.
  • Implement pre-exhibition strategies to nurture leads and accounts.
  • Develop skills for identifying, approaching, and engaging visitors effectively.
  • Use enticing phrases to attract visitors to your stand.
  • Master rapport-building and transition to business conversations on the stand.
  • Apply questioning techniques to uncover current and future customer needs.
  • Plan and execute a follow-up strategy for post-exhibition leads.
  • Utilise conversation starters and re-qualify leads during follow-up calls.
  • Create an action plan for continuous improvement in exhibition sales tactics.

Target Audience

This exhibition sales training course is ideal for salespeople, exhibition stand staff, marketing professionals, and business owners who participate in trade shows and exhibitions as part of their marketing and sales strategy.

It’s tailored for individuals seeking to maximize their return on investment from exhibitions, improve lead generation and follow-up techniques, and enhance their skills in engaging effectively with stand visitors.

UK Pricing

Please contact us to discuss pricing as it will depend on the number days you require, the delivery method (face to face, virtual etc) and the number of learners involved.

Course Overview

Why Do We Exhibit?

  • What’s the pay off?
  • Short term, medium and long term benefits
  • Leads, sales, positioning & branding

How To Set Exhibition Objectives

  • Be crystal clear about your intended outcomes for the exhibition
  • Setting objectives, targets & ROI criteria

Pre-Exhibition Lead Nurturing

  • Warming up your existing leads
  • Warming up your existing accounts
  • Giving them a compelling reason to visit your stand before the event

How To Identify, Approach And Engage With Exhibition Visitors

  • Proactive v Reactive exhibiting
  • Phrases and statements to use to entice passers-by onto your stand
  • Why you don’t need to be the best, just different to attract interest
  • Networking around the exhibition to draw people over to your stand
Killer Engagement Skills On The Stand

  • How to build effortless rapport with prospects and customers
  • From rapport to business – managing the transition
  • Questioning skills about current and future requirements
  • What’s happening at your company – products and services – weaving this into the conversation
  • Making notes on their business cards to remember key themes and conversation starters for follow up engagements
  • Closing with a clearly defined next step

Lead Follow Up

  • Planning a follow up strategy
  • Opening the call – conversation starters and rapport building statements from the exhibition
  • Re qualifying for a potential appointment

Action Planning

  • What are you going to do more of, less of, start doing & stop doing
  • Creating your own unique actions to implement following this workshop

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Course Methods

Our exhibition sales training is structured to be engaging and interactive, focusing on the specific needs of the attendees and the organisation.

It can be provided as an in-house workshop, a LIVE webinar, or a blended approach.

In-House Workshop
Live webinar
LIVE Webinar
Live webinar
Blended Solution

Experienced Sales Trainers

Our trainers have had years of experience both as salespeople and as trainers.

Meet a few of them to give you a feel of what they’re all about.



Bronwyn, with a decade in sales training, combines her New Insights Certified Coach expertise across finance to marketing, impacting firms like the Ministry of Commerce and CMR UK Ltd. Her dynamic approach inspires sales excellence.

Anne-Louise Pemberton


Anne-Louise, with her ILM Level 7 in Business Coaching & Mentoring, has enhanced the sales capabilities of Tesco, Morrisons, and Ernst & Young over 20 years in the field. Her strategic training empowers sales professionals.

Mark Williams

Senior Sales Trainer and Consultant

Mark has over 25 years of coaching experience and focuses on B2B sales. He has enhanced the performance of teams at Peugeot, Citroen, and Jaguar Land Rover. His targeted training drives significant business growth.

Testimonials From Our Customers

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Check out what our customers think of us.


“The tips, good housekeeping and exhibition etiquette were invaluable”

The whole of the course was great. The trainer was fabulous in their delivery to convey important messages and helpful tips while making us all feel included and valued. This was one of the best training sessions I have been to where we have all come together in a relaxed manner and participated fully free from inhibitions. The tips, good housekeeping and exhibition etiquette were invaluable. It was a good reminder of positive and enthusiastic exhibition behaviour, expectations, and goal setting.



CPD Certified

All our in-house, bespoke Sales Training Courses and programmes are CPD Certified.

Each of your salespeople will receive a CPD Certificate for your specific programme.

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