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7 Skills Sales Directors Will Need In 2025

It’s no secret that everything in the working environment is evolving. The biggest shifts that are happening in work are being driven by Artificial Intelligence, Globalisation and robotics. The generational gaps that we really didn’t have to concern ourselves about are now one of the most important aspects of every office’s working  situations. The changes we see today are happening…

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8 Tips For Preparing For A Sales Call

When we ask salespeople how they prepare for making sales calls, most say they might check the company’s website and possibly check the contact’s Linked-In profile, but that’s about it, really. This surprises us, as the quality of the preparation can make or break your opportunities with a new prospect. Here are some tips that you might consider to make…

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The 5 Stages Of The Customer’s Decision Making Process

When people make decisions, they have a shift of perspective. That is, they stop wondering about the choices they can make and now start to live with the consequences of that decision. The word comes from the Latin “Desicio”, literally meaning ‘to cut off from’. So when your prospect makes a decision, he or she is cutting off from any…

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17 Sales Tips A Buyer Would Give You If You Would Listen

Many salespeople ask us for our best tips on how to sell. How do I overcome price objections? What should I do with someone who ignores my emails? These questions and countless others often show salespeople are looking at sales from an old, out-of-date, perspective. These days, it isn’t about how good you are at selling; it’s about how good…

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The Best Words To Use When Faced With Sales Objections

Objections to your proposal can occur at any time in the sales process. They can come early, when you are initially discussing ideas; they can come late, when you are just about to conclude the discussions. Whenever they occur, you need to be confident in your approach and recognise that any objection is not a definitive ‘no’. It can be…

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9 Things Your Buyer Wants You To Know

Very often, we go out in the field with a great deal of knowledge about our products, our services, our competition, our prices and our industry. That’s great, and this knowledge is imperative for our confidence as well for generating more leads. But if we think about a different perspective, not only will we be confident in our products, but…

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The Top 10 Sales Blog Posts Of 2017 – As Voted For By You!

2017 has been a great year for MTD  having won the CIPD Best HR/L&D Supplier 2017 & the Personnel Today Best HR Supplier Partnership Award Winner 2017, and I hope its been a successful year for you too! We’ve brought you tips and techniques all year long and will continue to do so in 2018! So here we go, the best 10 blog…

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In A Sales Slump? Here Are 7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence & Motivation

It happens to us all. Even though you are doing the same things that you were doing when sales were up, you enter that phase where nothing closes, no-one wants to talk to you and the competition start taking over. It can be enough to drive you to depression. But it needn’t. Here are some tips that will improve your…

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7 Key Ways To Become Excellent At Prospecting

How do you feel when your manager asks you to do more prospecting? Do you jump with glee at the thought of making several hundred more cold calls? Or do you close your eyes, utter a deep sigh and think ‘why did I choose this profession?’ It’s probably something in between those two extremes, but it’s not difficult to see…

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17 Sales Tips On How To Progress To Close The Sale

When getting to the closing of a sale, salespeople often start to feel nervous because they feel they may get a rejection or they are putting the buyer under some pressure. So they hold back in asking for the order, or project a nervous attitude so the buyer wonders if they are really making the right decision. Here are some…

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