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The 5 Keys To Building Quality Salesmanship

There’s no hard and fast rule for being the best in sales. Natural ability plays a part, but the way you develop your communication skills, your competencies and knowledge of uncovering opportunities will take you further in your career. There are processes you can go through to develop your sales talent but, in my experience, there are five keys to…

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The Exact Time To Drop The ‘F-Bomb’ With Your Prospects

During my career in the finance industry, I had many occasions to discuss opportunities with prospects that centred around their investments, pensions, banking circumstances and the like. I would listen attentively as they told me what had happened in the past, how they had sometimes burned their fingers with investments and how they had made killings in other situations. It…

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4 ‘Freebies’ For Your Prospect That Generates Future Business

Free Stuff Concept

When you hold a door open for someone to follow you, what do they naturally say to you? When you offer someone a compliment or admiring comment, what do they normally say back? You’ll probably answer those questions with something like ‘Thank you’ or ‘That’s kind of you. I appreciate it’ This follows a social law that we habitually follow…

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5 Steps To Pick Yourself Up After A Lost Sale

Imagine the scenario – you’ve invested heavily in time and effort into something you wanted badly and were counting on succeeding, like closing a big deal. In spite of all your great efforts, you’ve now been told you weren’t good enough. You finish the conversation or reading the email and sit back and reflect. What’s the best way to deal…

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Should A Sales Person Always Trust Their Hunches?

John Adair tells a story about Conrad Hilton, the Hotel magnate, who was once trying to buy a Chicago Hotel. The deadline was looming for the sealed bids to be placed and Hilton submitted a bid for $165,000. He went to bed that night feeling vaguely uncomfortable with that bid, even though the maths seemed right. He woke the next…

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6 Steps That Help Your Prospect Know They’ve Made The Right Decision

We’re often taught as salespeople that we have the best solution for prospect’s businesses and that we should be able to sell to everyone. If they don’t buy, then our sales managers think you haven’t tried enough or you made some errors along the way. While these ideas may be correct in some circumstances, we can only get so far…

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Are You Selling To Entrepreneurs Correctly?

Entrepreneurs are by their very nature independent and flexible in their approach to their company and the way it works. Every decision they make could have a big effect on their future operations, so they want to make sure their processes help them achieve their goals. This is often different to decision-makers in larger organisations, where the procedures they follow…

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What To Say When The Customer Asks, “Why Should We Use You?”

So, you’ve got to the part of the conversation where the customer asks the £64,000 question, hence indicating they are interested but haven’t yet been persuaded to think seriously about your solution. What do they really want and need when this question, ‘Why should we use you?’ is asked? Well, they want confirmation and assurance that they are taking less…

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Here’s 450 Sales Questions That You Can Use

450 Sales Questions

If you want to be great at sales then you have to be great at asking questions. Lots of questions! To help you with this, I’ve gathered a list of the top 450 sales questions that I’ve come across over the years and I’ve put them together in a special report for you.   I’ve tried to cover all situations…

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New To Sales? Here Are 5 Ways To Make Yourself More Valuable…

We often see people who are new in sales on our programmes, some of whom having even started selling yet. They ask my trainers how they can quickly get up to speed and get results. We offer some suggestions and recommendations, but essentially it’s the individual themselves who are in charge of how they develop. My top trainers have given…

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