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How To Achieve A Healthy Sales Mindset

We often get salespeople on our programs discussing the most important aspect of sales, and many consider the sales processes that they follow as the most important aspects that will keep the sales and commissions rolling in. However, we always point out that you could have the best processes in the industry, the most valuable product in the market place,…

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Five Areas That Will Improve Your Sales Negotiation Skills

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Being able to negotiate effectively is one of the most important skills you can build in your sales armoury, as it has a direct effect on your margins and overall profitability, as well as ensuring your customers get the best service possible. Here, we discuss five aspects of negotiation that will help you improve when carrying out those stages: Prepare…

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The MOST Important Part Of Your Sales Call

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What would you consider to be the most important parts of the sales call, when calling a prospect? Well, one of my consultants was with a company recently and was listening in to their sales reps’ calls to make appointments. He told me that they weren’t being successful in getting past the first 15-20 seconds of the call, so I…

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How to build goodwill with customers, 3 ways to become indispensable to your customer

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Episode 40: How to build goodwill with customers, 3 ways to become indispensable to your customer & a quote from Mary Kay Ash In this episode, we look at how you can build goodwill your customers. Our Skills Pill looks at 3 ways to become indispensable to your customer, by looking at things from their perspective, not ours. And our…

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What Is Key Account Management?

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  It is 6 to 7 times harder to convert a new customer than to sell to an existing one. This is exactly why Key Account Management is one of the most important aspects of the sales process and an integral facet of every single business. Being a successful account manager means more than knowing your customers, being proactive and…

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Unearthing Customer Needs During A Retail Sales Interaction

A sales person asking a customer some questions

  Good discovery skills are essential if you are to reach the top level of retail sales: being recognised as a trusted advisor by your customers. When you are in this position people will talk more openly to you and tell you what they want to buy, and even how to help them to do it! Not every customer is…

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What Is Cross-Selling And Up-Selling?

Businessman draw growing profit graph thanks upselling

I read an interesting article by Jim Domanski the other day, where he introduces the ‘rule of 25’. This rule is good to know when you are trying to cross-sell or up-sell your client. The rule states that, after people have made the decision to buy, they have accepted they will be spending or investing a certain amount of money….

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12 Important Product Knowledge Topics In Retail Sales

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This may sound a quite simple topic but you really need to have deep understanding of your product knowledge with regards to what you sell. There’s much more to it than just understanding features and benefits. There are a wide range of product knowledge areas that will be instrumental in reaching the ultimate outcome of a transaction. This means that…

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Two Quick Retail Sales Tips

I was in Dublin recently with a MAJOR player in the food retail industry and it reminded me of two of the very best retail sales tips that every store should use. So it doesn’t matter what you sell in your store, use them! And if you don’t sell in retail then next time you are in a store see…

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6 Ways To Build Up Goodwill With Customers

6 Ways To Build Up Goodwill With Customers

Building goodwill in business is a pre-requisite for companies to advance in their strategic forward planning. The British Department Store, John Lewis, is renowned for its quality customer service and its build-up of goodwill. Here’s what one of their managers said: “If we rely on value alone, we’ll get considerable success. Then if we add constant and careful cultivation of…

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