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I’ve just come back from a 4 hour round trip on the motorway where I’ve just secured 10 days worth of in-house sales training but having so much time to think in the car makes you mull over how well you did during the sales interaction!

You know, no matter whether you get to secure the deal or not you should always review your sales performance and you need to make that common practice too.

Follow the same process as I did below and ask yourself the following questions:
(I have written down my actual answers for this sales interaction)

Could I have done more before the meeting?
Yes – I was meeting two people. One I knew very well and one I didn’t know too well. I should have found out more information about him and his drivers.

Did I have a primary objective for the meeting?
Yes – to secure 6 days worth of in-house training (I secured 10 – result!)

Did I have secondary objectives in my mind?

What went well in the meeting?
I asked lot’s of questions and had awesome rapport with both contacts. My solutions were presented in a tangible way so they could see themselves using the training and what it would mean to them.

What would have made it better?
I talked too much in this meeting. Usually I centre everything around the client but I got on a roll at one stage and my mouth ran away with me. We’re not talking huge amounts here but in my normal interactions I’d say that the client talks 60% of the time but in this interaction they spoke about 45% of the time. I needed to shut up more!

Did the client and myself leave the meeting knowing exactly the next steps in the process?
Yes – book dates and sort out delegate lists

There are other questions that I ask myself but if all else fails you should cover the above on a regular basis with each and every sales interaction you have.

Happy reviewing!


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Originally published: 21 January, 2009

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