The Goods: A new "Hard Sell" movie to watch

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21 October, 2009

Distance Learning Online Search InterfaceIf you’re like me and love great sales movies like Wall Street, Bioler Room and Glengarry Glen Ross then you might want to check out the comedy movie “The Goods”

“The Goods” is based on a car dealership and all of the tricks, the cunning and the daily lives of shady car salesmen!

Sales Manager to Sales Executive about the state of his desk and in-particular all of his family photos: “Lose those photos of your fat kids. Your prospects are going to see that and think you’ve got loads of money so you can feed them well. By showing skinny photos on your desk they will feel sorry for you and give you their money! But keep the photo of your fat wife, they’ll feel sorry for you too! Infact, can I borrow that photo so I can use it on my desk?”

You get the picture!

It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste but I’ll be checking it out!

Here’s the trailor:

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