What It Takes To Be A Good SalesPerson

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Close-up Image Of A Firm Handshake Between Two Colleagues“Sean, what does it take to be a good salesperson?”

Funnily enough, I get asked that question a lot!

Want to know what I reply back to people who ask me that question?

And this may surprise you but I reply back with:

“Why do you only want to be a good salesperson?”

I know that sounds pedantic but I’m telling you now and you need to listen up here but if all you’re going to do is settle for being good then you might as well forget it.

Most people are “good”. Your competitors are “good”.

“Being good” is just “not good enough”

You need to be excellent and outstanding and stand head and shoulders above everyone else.

You need to have more knowledge, more training, more “streetwiseness” (if there is such a word!), you need to know more about the competition than the rest, more about your prospects and clients than the competition do – you get the picture here!

You need to raise your standards as a salesperson. Don’t view it as a job, view it as a career.

I’m very proud to call myself a salesperson. It’s my profession and you should be proud too.

I was working it out the other day…

The average doctor spends about 10,000 hours of study to perfect their craft.

How many hours do you put into your studies? The study of selling?

So no matter how serious you take your sale career at the moment, start to take it even more serious.

What can you do to raise the bar even further?

Don’t just beat the competition by a short head. Expect to win and win big. Believe in what you sell so much that you just can’t understand it when someone says no.

Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now!

As of today, what do you need to:

Start doing?
Stop doing?
Do more of?
Do less of?

Commit yourself to excellence and to be the best that you can be and you’ll surprise yourself how “good” you can actually be!

Rant over!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

MTD Sales Training

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Originally published: 29 October, 2009

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