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Use This Simple Technique To Get The Decision Maker On-Side

When we are putting our presentations together for a client meeting, we often, if not always, concentrate on the overall benefits to the client of our products and services. We concentrate on what our products will produce for them, how they will make them more competitive in the market place, the profitability they will bring or the increased productivity that…

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You vs. The Competition…Want To Win? Here’s How…

I’ve been speaking to more of my clients recently. Not that that should surprise you, but I’ve taken some time out to find out some of the key issues they are facing and identified many of the specific ideologies that drive them to make decisions. In some cases it’s been eye-opening, and has allowed us to tweak our offerings and…

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How Salespeople Can Get Into Their Buyer’s Brain

One thing that many salespeople come on our workshops to learn is ‘the Holy Grail’, that is, what can they do to guarantee success every time they try to sell their products. Without being presumptuous and claiming I’ve cracked the Enigma Code of Sales, there truthfully is only one reason why buyers would decide to buy from you. Of course,…

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3 Quotes That Will Inspire Your Future In Sales

I came across three interesting quotes while doing research the other day, and they all give an insight into the future of sales. See what you think when you read these: “The modern consumer is digitally-driven, socially-connected and mobile-empowered. Sales reps will need to adapt or be replaced” – Jill Rowley, Evangelist for Social Selling “Your lead-generation methods need to…

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4 Quick Tips On Dragging Your Sales Process Out Of The Dark Ages

I was thinking about our business last week and the many customers who have used our services over the years. There is one common denominator that joins them all together; they have all changed their buying process as time has gone by. So, every year, my team renegotiate the terms and conditions with them. Every year, the buyers find different…

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How The Best Salespeople Build Relationships On LinkedIn

Many people we train on using LinkedIn have many contacts but have not used those contacts to increase their sales opportunities. For some, LinkedIn is an unused asset gathering dust on their hard drive. What would be one way that you could use those connections to increase sales opportunities? Well, you always would start a conversation when you meet someone…

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10 Questions ALL Sales People Must Ask Themselves At The End Of The Month

I love the expression “Questions are the answer”. It reminds us all that the quality of the answers we get in life are determined by the quality of the questions we ask. Much of what we experience in life goes over our heads, created by things that are out of our control. What we focus on will get us our…

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Use These 2 Examples To Uncover Prospect Needs

You’ve probably been on courses where you’ve discussed the different types of questions that are available to you. You’ll have heard of open questions and closed questions. You’ll be familiar with probing questions and possibly leading questions, too. But the truth is that this can bog you down into thinking you’ve got to vary your questioning type and it can…

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Here Are 2 Different Ways To Influence Your Prospects…

A book that holds pride of place in my library is Robert Cialdini’s “Influence”, where he talks about the principle of social proof. Cialdini states that “95% of people of imitators and 5% of people are initiators.” He means by this that most people are influenced by the actions of others, rather than furrowing their own trough and taking the…

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Use This Wording When Revealing The Price To Your Prospect

Have you ever been on the phone or in front of someone who is trying to sell you something, and then when the issue of price comes up, they say something like, “Are you sitting down?” or “I hope you’re prepared for this”? When we are thinking about price, we automatically feel negative before we know the facts because we…

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