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The 6 Main Components That Create Sales Excellence

Excellence is a word that is bandied about so much these days that it can often lose its meaning or its differentiation. The dictionary defines it as ‘being exceptional, being superior in some way, achieving extreme merit, preeminence or distinction’. When we use the term, we commonly confuse it with something that is just better or an improvement of some…

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The Sales System That GUARANTEES Quality Customer Responses

We’ve always been told that questions are the holy grail of the salesperson’s quest to achieve results, as they uncover valuable nuggets of information that may be hidden in a customer’s mental vault. When we ask salespeople how they prepare their question bank for a sales meeting, it’s fairly obvious that this isn’t something that comes naturally. We’re not talking…

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6 Actions You MUST Take After Your Sales Presentations

I remember meeting a salesperson in my office who presented me with a product that would hopefully deal with some challenges we were having at the time. The product was quicker, more efficient and easier to use than our current product. It was more expensive and would have meant us getting other quotes in, but all-in-all it would do the…

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How These 3 Small LinkedIn Tweaks Will Increase Your Sales

For many salespeople, LinkedIn is a bit of an anomaly; they know that many people can be found on it (over 351 million people, at the time of writing), but they don’t have the time or knowledge to develop their profile as it hasn’t brought them any business. Your profile can be as good or as bad as you want…

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Watch This Short Video To Fire You Up For EVERY Sales Meeting

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for motivation. Whatever I can get to drive me forward and help me achieve my goals is like gold dust, as it overcomes all the negativity that we often experience. Sometimes, we come across a piece of literature or a video or CD that stops us in our tracks and helps us achieve. I…

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5 Mistakes Salespeople Make That Attract Customer Objections

It’s not easy being in sales these days. All the pressures of hitting targets, completing your sales plans, competitive activity…it can sometimes feel as if it’s all too much. Many salespeople heap more pressure on themselves by making mistakes that actually attract objections from prospects and customers. The prospect may really want the product or service you can provide….then you…

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7 Ways To Avoid The Sales Rut & To Stay ‘In The Groove’

We often hear sales managers talk about their salespeople’s performance and how they can manage it effectively. They talk of motivation and engagement and how they can keep their people performing at the top of their game. There are effectively three different levels of performance and they can be categorised as follows: Being ‘in the groove’  This old expression means…

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The 3 Main Traits Of The World’s Worst Salespeople

Asleep at work

We often conjecture at what great salespeople do to create the status of being ‘great’. If, however, we were to study those people who are not so good, we can actually identify habits that act as warnings for us and enable us to avoid those activities that take us in a wrong direction. One dictionary defines ‘trait’ as ‘a distinguishing…

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What To Do When Your Experienced Sales People Have Lost Their Edge


They were once the sales people that you could rely on every month to pull in the numbers for you. But now for some reason they have gone stale. They seemed to make it look so easy but for some reason they’ve either lost their motivation, their hunger, skills or all of them! So what can you do to reignite…

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How To Use Silence When Answering Objections


I’m asked for phrases on how to respond to objections all the time. But one phrase you could try is by responding by saying nothing! “Your prices are too expensive” says the prospect. You respond with…… Nothing! All it will take is a nano second of silence and the prospect will feel the need to fill in the silence and they…

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