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Appointment Setting Skills Webinar

Appointment Setting Skills Webinar

90 to 120 minute versions available delivered via WebEx/Webinar/Skype


If your role involves setting up appointments for yourself or for someone else then this virtual workshop will provide you with the essential techniques that you need.

You’ll first learn how to identify if you’re being screened by a gatekeeper and the strategies on how to get through them.

Then, once you’re on the phone with the decision maker or relevant person you will discover how to sell the appointment by giving valid reasons and benefits of why you should meet.


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Effectively plan and prepare for a calling session
  • Create impactful openings that grab attention
  • Identify and then get through different gatekeeper screens
  • Handle the most common objections you face
  • Sell the appointment rather than sell what you are selling
  • Ensure that the meetings go ahead by using the CEMENT technique

Workshop Outline

Duration: 90 or 120 minute versions (including a short break)

Materials: Virtual handouts provided to work through

  • Objectives of this workshop
  • How should an appointment be set up?
  • What are you currently doing?
  • Pre Call Planning & Preparation
    • Planning your calls and your approach
    • Developing and understanding your framework/call script
  • Opening The Call
    • How to open your calls in the right way
    • How to identify a gatekeeper screen
    • The techniques to use to get through the 2 types of gatekeeper screen:
      • The blind screen
      • The investigative screen
  • Selling The Appointment
    • Transitioning from the gatekeeper to the decision maker
    • Questioning and listening skills
    • Qualifying the decision maker
    • Listening for the hook
    • Selling the appointment and not your product/service
    • How to respond to phrases such as:
      • “I’m not interested”
      • “How much is it?”
      • “What are you selling?”
      • “Tell me now?”
      • “Call me back later”
      • “Send me some information”
      • “I already use someone/something for that”
  • Confirming The Appointment
    • Understanding the costs of a missed appointment
    • How to confirm the appointment in the right way using the C.E.M.E.N.T model
    • What to do immediately after the phone call

This Session Includes

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Pre-Session Activity
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Polls & Questions
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Hand Up Q&A


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Interactive Exercises
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Case Studies & Examples
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Recorded For Future Playback


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All of our virtual sales training courses are CPD Certified.

What this means is that you/your sales team will receive a CPD Certificate after taking this webinar.

There’s no additional cost for the certificate.

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